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Today started out with Cliff's project to cut down some trees. So I grabbed the chainsaw and headed over about a quarter after 10. I was the first person to arrive, and we began the process of getting some ropes tied to the first tree. As soon as we were getting ready to fell the first one Jason & Eric arrived, so I took off. The chainsaw I brought had a mega dull blade. So I ran over to Home Depot and got a new blade. By the time I got back the first tree was completely down and getting chopped up. I started the work to change the blade. After having some difficulties changing it I noticed I already had a blade in with the chainsaw. DOH! So I put the stock bar back on with that chain. Things fit up much better. Now though I couldn't get the thing to run! Arghh! By this time the second tree was down. I just put the chainsaw down and began picking up branches. This is when I noticed my shoulder was starting to hurt. Doh! So we finished the cleanup, and Cliff, Eric, Jason, & I went down to Astro to get some lunch.

After lunch I ran home to drop off the chainsaw and grab my motorcycle. I got back over to Eric's just as Jason was taking Eric's old Honda out for a ride. I followed behind him for a bit, but looped around a different way back to Eric's. Then we switched and I let Jason try out my Boulevard. He did look good on it! He should get one! &#59;) After fooling around for a few minutes we loaded up all the kids and headed over to the park. Steve and his kids met back up with us there. We hung around while the kids played for a bit, then ran and got drinks at Sonic. We got back to Eric's house and Natalie had cooked up some lasagna for us. THANKS NATALIE! So we all ate some lasagna and rested from the day. Eventually Jason had to leave followed shortly by Steve. But Ryan came over and wanted to go for a little ride.

The fuel pump on Ryan's Suburban had died so after chillin' for a bit at Ryan's we hopped on the freeway and headed up to Autozone on 9th South. I have never seen so many hookers in my life! I've been to that Autozone many times at night, but it was always in a car. Maybe that's why I never saw them. When we left there was a pimp taking his two girls out to State Street. Anyway we headed north, then went around a block and headed back south down State. More hookers. Eventually we got to 45th, where we turned east to jump on to Van Winkle. As we got to the intersection where the Golds Gym is the light started changing. Eric hit his brakes. Ryan hit his brakes. I punched it. The other day I tried to stop in a similar situation and the car behind me had to lock up his brakes. Even though there were no cars behind us I didn't want to try to stop like that again. Eric stopped before the line. Ryan stopped part way into the intersection. And the light turned red right after I entered the intersection. I pulled over and waited for the light to turn again for them to catch up. Then it was pretty much back home.

I'm tired.

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Last night I went back for another look at what to put me on for my sleep apnea. I went to sleep pretty good around 9:30, but then woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. During the night they adjusted the settings a little, and it felt like work to breathe. The machine was wanting short quick breaths. As such my heart rate was going way up. It was way uncomfortable. I just couldn't get into the right rhythm to make both myself and the machine happy. So around 4:30 I sat up so I could use the restroom and the person said we could call it then. So then unhooked me and I was home before 5. I showered to get the junk out of my hair, then went to bed! Ah, it was nice to be able to breathe at my own pace (even if I did stop breathing a bunch...).

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My day started out going over to Eric's work to change the oil in my motorcycle. Got it done really quick, and we headed back to Eric's house. He wanted to go for a cruise, so we decided on a route. We tried to talk Natalie into going with us, but she had a bunch of other stuff to do. Eric and I were hungry so first went to Chili's to get some lunch. Mmmm... Bacon Cheeseburger. I knew that if I was going to survive the ride I would need my back seat back on, so we went up to my house to put it on.

We began from there to head up Parley's Canyon, and up to Kimball Junction. We topped off with gas there. As long as we were going up there I wanted to pick up some new shirts from the Polo store. Then it was back on the road. We were headed to Wanship where we would turn off I-80 to get to Kamas. Right before the exit to Wanship we had a nice straight clean section of road. I decided to see what I could do and opened up the throttle. I got to 100 MPH fairly quickly, and then closed it back down. Eric saw 103 before he slowed to not hit me. &#59;)

We started down State Road 32 towards Kamas. Stopped for a few quick pictures next to Rockport. 32 was a nice road to cruise down! Until we got close to Kamas that is. That is when the wind started. Again, it felt like my bike was being pushed out from under me. We got to Kamas and stopped at a gas station for a butt break.

We then began the ride down to Francis, then to Heber. About half way is when the rain started. Imagine needles hitting every part of your body. That's riding through the rain at 50 MPH. As we got up above Jordanelle we pulled off at a stop, and huddled under some small information displays until the rain passed. It was going quick. We were back on the road in less than 10 minutes. On to Heber.

As we always talked about it, but never did, we stopped at the Pizza Hut there. One of the few in the state that has Dine-in. So we took another break, and enjoyed a pizza. We set out again and started seeing traffic. Right outside of Heber, until it finally went to two lanes in Provo canyon, was all stop and go. But finally when it did go to two lanes we were able to get cruising again. At least until we got just past the tunnel. Stop and go again... this time it was all the way down the canyon. That sucked! I thought most of it was traffic due to I-80 West bound being closed, but I later heard there was a car/motorcycle accident. We didn't see it, so I don't know exactly what happened.

Instead of going west towards the freeway, we went south towards Provo. We made our way down to Kristi & Dana's place to check it out and pick up some HD DVD's that were shipped to them. We hung out for a bit to rest. I gave Kristi a small ride around the neighborhood, and Eric took Larsen around. Finally we got back on the freeway, and headed home. Got nailed by rain two separate times, and got soaked to the bone.

I reset the trip odometer in Kimball Junction, so I don't have the total mileage (Google Maps though calculates it at 26.6 miles). From Kimball Junction I have 116 miles. So around 143 miles total.

Pics in the gallery.

Another Google Earth KMZ file of our trip here.

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Yesterday my replacement 1 TB drive arrived. I was hoping to try to recover all the data from my old drive. It only had all my pictures, music, & tv shows... :(

Due to the nature of the failure I believe it to be a problem with the PCB on the bottom of the hard drive. So I tried swapping them. No good. Swap back, same as I'm used to. I tried the new drive with the old PCB, same thing as the old drive with the new PCB. Then I look. The new one is Revision B. Doh!

So since they are different I went ahead and ordered 2 more of them. I was planning on ordering them this month anyway to build a RAID 5 array to avoid this happening again. Hopefully one of them will have the same PCB revision!

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Yesterday was a really eventful day! I got up and mowed the lawn, then called Jason up to go to the races! Him and I went out to Miller Motorsports Park for the NASCAR Camping World series! Very very cool race. The last 5 or so laps were intense! It ended in a green/white/checker which were the best 2 laps all day. 3 wide through the hairpin! Great racing. I've put my crappy cell phone pics in the gallery.

Later that night I went up to the Spruces with Tony & Chelsey to chill. The crazy thing is we ended up 2 spots away from Eric & Natalie! I knew they were up there and planned on stopping by to say hi, but being so close was crazy! I rode the motorcycle up there, and ended up going very slowly down the canyon. I saw 2 deer on the side of the road and didn't want to get crazy, just in case!

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My butt still hurts...

And I'm still tired...

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Today after work I ran over to get a cut and color done by Natalie. I must admit, I look sexy! After that I went to Macey's to meet up with Ryan Madsen and Micah Flowers to go for a ride. We started from there and went up to Wasatch, then followed that over until it joined on the freeway at 39th south, and I took my first excursion on the freeway! It was only for about 1/2 mile as we got right back off on Foothill and made our way to Emigration Canyon.

We waited there for over half an hour for Eric to show up. This was kinda good as my butt was already numb! He eventually did show up and we began our ride. It actually went pretty quickly to the top of Emigration, but it was a nice ride. Great road! Well everyone wanted to keep going, so we did. On to East Canyon! Again, a beautiful ride! Very very pleasant! I recommend it to anyone! We got to the top, where the pioneer monuments are (ya usually start your mutual hike to Mormon Flats from there), and that's when Eric decided to try to kill me. (Not really).

So we're looking at some GPS maps on cell phones, and it looks like I-80 is really close by. Just have to go down a bit and turn right and that will take us to Jeremy Ranch. Problem... That's a gravel road! (E. Canyon Road/Jeremy Ranch Road) I am leading, and I see it, but as it's gravel I just keep going.

And going.

And going.

After a little while we approach a little town, and see it will take us to I-80. The name of this town?

Henefer, UT.

Smack dab in the middle between Park City and Ogden. Holy CRAP! How did this happen! Not only that, it was after 9 PM and had gotten dark. Well we bit our teeth and started along I-84, then to I-80. We stopped in Coalville for Eric to top off his bike, and we both topped off ourselves with a drink and snack.

Next was windy city. I-80 was SO WINDY! I was getting blown all around. There were many times I slowed way down due to it. That was the part of the ride unfortunately that sticks out in my head the most. Just getting blown all around sucked. It was a long ride, gripping the bars, and trying to control the bike in the wind, but we made it all the way down Parley's Canyon. Ahhhh... There was no wind along I-215. It was so much easier to ride at speed there. We all broke off as we hit our exits, and made our way home.

Final trip odometer reading: 110 miles.

They were calling it my baptism by fire... First time riding at night. First time on the freeway. First time through Parleys. See! Eric was trying to kill me! &#59;)

Here's a KMZ file of the trip... (Open it in Google Earth)

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(Note this is being published late purposely.)
Today Eric & I planned to go look at motorcycles. I wanted to find someone who would let me test ride one.

So I got up early planing to mow the lawn, only to find my mom already did it! Dana was outside slowly hacking at a tree. I busted out the chainsaw and we got going. Took down around 4 trees total. These were all trees that made nasty berries that just made a huge mess. So we chopped them all up and put away.

Then it was time to look at bikes. I met Eric over at his place, and we first went down to The Edge in Draper. They had one C50 total. Lame! We did check out the KTM 450 and Can-Am DS-450 quads. Also sat on the Can-Am Spyder. Interesting for sure!

Then we started north. We started with quick stop at South Valley Motorsports to see what they had in the way of Kawasaki 900's, and so Eric could check for some highway bars. Not much, so we grabbed some drinks and drove up to Centerville. Same routine as at South Valley. We figured since we were already this far up, lets go to Layton Cycle. They had nothing. I did sit on a Hayabusa to feel it out... felt nice! &#59;)

We had used up enough of the day, so we started back home. On the way I figured, well, why not stop at Honda Suzuki of Salt Lake and see it I could convince them to let me test ride one. We arrived and started looking. They had one in the colors I wanted, now to see if they would let me ride it. I laid the situation out, and the guy said yes! So I took out both a C50 and an M50. The M50 definitely had more get up and go. But I knew in the long run I'd be happier with the C50.

I did it.

[lightbox http://www.waterman981.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=10158&g2_serialNumber=2 [2008 Suzuki Boulevard C50]][/lightbox]

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Yesterday after work I got back on the bike. I'm not going to lie, it's been a while. I'm out of shape. I know it. But I still did it. I rode down (being the key word) just to about 23rd east, then turned around and went back up (again being the key word). After I got back up I felt like I had a bit more so I went across 30th east to 94th south, and around the bend towards the canyon, then back home.

Not a very long ride, but as all my rides pretty much start with downhill and result in uphill to get home, it was a start. If they would open up the canyon road I'd just ride up until I couldn't any more. But they should have it done in a month as the Tour of Utah uses that road.

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I hope y'all can see this. I'm not sure on DNS settings... for example I see www.waterman981.com.waterman981.com on several different nslookups. Oh well. I know it works through a proxy site, as well as through my phone. I hope it's faster for everyone!

Edit--- Hrmm.. back to Sprint... all sorts of DNS problems! Stupid modem from Qwest!

Edit 2--- Ok, back to DSL, and everything looks good! Yay! Now to just see if it's faster!

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Just got the modem today (After spending the morning watching The Dark Knight). I'm going to have to spend some time poking around in it before I connect it to my network. A quick speed test though and it's upload speed is 3x faster! I hope you all enjoy it!

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Man, my luck with computers/servers lately has been horrible! Crash after crash after crash.

I'm trying something new to reduce downtime if there is another crash. This machine is virtual. :) So I'll be making a copy of the entire server (30 GB.) and keeping that safe. That way if this goes down I drop a copy of the server and update the databases from backups.

I gotta figure out something. Let me know if it seems slower or not as well. It's sharing the CPU with 2 other servers.

Well Rich and I figured out why I've been having problems getting the email server running correctly. Unfortunately to fix it I'll have to re-install the host OS. That means shutting this down again! :( I'll install VMWare on the other server and copy the web server over there so the downtime is minimal. (It can run on the other hardware while I reinstall the other machine! :D)

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Well it was kinda lame, but I understand why they did it. I gave Sprint a call to argue that we did pay through the end of the month, and when I got on with a person they explained that they were purposefully turning it off to get people to call. I guess lots of their emails to customers bounced, or people threw away the letter explaining that they were shutting down. This way they could reach all their customers. I would have hated to be someone in that call center! So since I called they switched it back on so here's my site.

If this does sound lame think of the TV switch to Digital. Some stations have run tests during primetime where they switch off the analog signal to replicate what will happen in February. This was really the same kinda thing, so I guess I can't fault them too much.

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My mom and I had planned to call Xmission today to get DSL hooked up. It appears Sprint was a little anxious. Their letter if you recall said 7/31/08. Maybe someone is dyslexic? &#59;) Hopefully it's just temporary, and this will be back up. It sucks having no internet access at home! Well the DSL will be available on the 18th! Yay! So it's a good thing I'll be off that day for The Dark Knight! I'll come home, get the modem and call up Xmission to get it all hooked up. Of course then comes the DNS update which may take a couple days. Ugh!

But I'll be up again soon and hopefully at better speeds!

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Yesterday a new drive for my HTPC arrived. An LG HD DVD/Blu-Ray optical drive! I got this through a 1 day deal for $120. What surprised me when it arrived is it was a Retail package! I figured it would be a bare drive/OEM version. So I installed it, threw in the CD that came with it and it had PowerDVD 7 Ultra included! Woot! The nice thing for me is that 7 supports HD DVD. They pulled it out in 8. So I fired up my first Blu-Ray, The Simpsons Movie (courtesy of Blockbuster Online). It played great, but my screen was flickering really bad. It just didn't seem right. So I threw in an HD DVD. It gave me an error about being hooked up to an HDMI repeater (my receiver I guess). So I downloaded the trial of AnyDVD HD and while I was at it rolled back to an older video driver. After a reboot the same results with the BD. I popped a HD DVD back in and it played perfectly (with AnyDVD). So I rolled back to another driver version. This time the BD played flawlessly! What's awesome is my system was only using around 10-20% CPU during playback!

So I guess now I can start buying BD's. It's going to hurt going to their sticker prices from HD DVD's!

In other news my server crashed again last night. It looks like one of the drives failed. Again. Fortunately last time I set it up I did so as RAID 1, so there was a backup drive. It rebuilt the first drive again overnight. Hopefully it doesn't fail again. Although the system is reporting a different drive failure. I'll have to shut it down sometime and check that out.

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So I'm guessing everyone is on the edge of their seat, wanting to know how it went. Well I went over at 9pm last night. They began hooking me up to all sorts of crap. There were like 10 wires connected to my head. It took about 45 minutes to hook it all up. Then off to bed.

Apparently I fell asleep quickly. It's hard to tell with no clock for reference. Sometime before 3am the gal monitoring me came in to put on the mask. I had stopped breathing 200 times already. They'll put it on at 80. Then back to bed. I was able to sleep for a bit on my side, but eventually it all started hurting due to the crappy mattress. The gal came in and put me on a different machine. I don't think I fell asleep at all with it. It was normal air pressure most of the time, but when I breathed in the machine would sense the pressure drop and push air into my lungs. Really weird.

Well they say 2 weeks to get the results. It looks like I'm getting a Vader mask! &#59;)

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Ya know... sometimes you have a lot to talk about, but don't want to type it all in. Yes it's pretty much due to laziness.

So last week I took the Motorcycle Safety Foundations training program. 15 hours total with around 5 hours classroom, and 10 hours of range time. It was Monday - Thursday last week. So a lot of time just going around and doing little exercises to work on bike control. At one point my instructor told me I should ditch the cruiser idea and get a sport bike! It really taught good safety practices. On the written test I missed just one question, then on the range test (which counted for the license riding test) I was a little slow in stopping they said. Whatever... I passed. So yesterday I went to the Drivers License Division and now I have my motorcycle endorsement! Woot! Now I just need the motorcycle!

So then Friday was my 30th birthday. Not much happened. Did go see Wall E. My mom kept complaining it was too environmental, brainwashing kids. I didn't see any of it. I really enjoyed it, and recommend it to everyone!

Saturday... didn't do much there either.

Yup... 4th of July sucks for a birthday. :(

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Yeah yeah, I know it's a few days early, but I got my present to myself today! :D Every month I budget some money for playing with. Whether that is HD DVD's, 4-wheeler parts, or computer parts. Last month it was the new receiver. This month a new monitor. I picked up a Samsung 24" LCD.

So now my problem starts. I didn't have the money to replace both of my monitors. I had to replace one as it is broken :(. So I've tried my new one and my good CRT monitor. It just didn't feel right. So I'm just using the one monitor now.

[lightbox http://www.waterman981.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=10103&g2_serialNumber=2 [New monitor]][/lightbox]

So it looks pretty good. No dead pixels, no stuck pixels. The bottom is a bit lighter due to the angle and the type of display technology used (TN). We'll see how I feel about that after a couple weeks. But all in all I'm happy with it. Of course the next step in August is to get another one. I've only been using the single monitor for about an hour and I already miss having dual displays. And depending on my profit sharing in August, I'll be getting new desk to fit the two monitors. I'm thinking this guy:

[lightbox http://www.furniturebuzz.com/furniture/bush/buwc81410_4pc_l.jpg [Bush Somerset Desk]][/lightbox]

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So I get to do a sleepover in a sleep clinic. Its better than having to go to the hospital for it. So I show up at 9 pm, they hook me all up, and it's off to sleep. I haven't decided what the worst part is yet. What I might say in my sleep (I've heard I do that), or getting woken up at 6 am to leave. Both suck pretty bad. Well this is scheduled for July 8th. After that I'm guessing I'll be put on oxygen at night. That's going to be a real turn on! :roll:

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So my mom and I were in Costco today. I was hoping to find one of these bike hoists, but didn't find one (So I ordered it from Amazon). While we were there she asked me for some ideas for my birthday. So here's some ideas...

I can't really recommend any other DVD's to get me with Blu-ray and all... So those will all be safe. If I get any other ideas I'll edit this post.

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