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Today started out with Cliff's project to cut down some trees. So I grabbed the chainsaw and headed over about a quarter after 10. I was the first person to arrive, and we began the process of getting some ropes tied to the first tree. As soon as we… more »
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Last night I went back for another look at what to put me on for my sleep apnea. I went to sleep pretty good around 9:30, but then woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. During the night they adjusted the settings a little, and it felt like work to… more »
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My day started out going over to Eric's work to change the oil in my motorcycle. Got it done really quick, and we headed back to Eric's house. He wanted to go for a cruise, so we decided on a route. We tried to talk Natalie into going with us, but… more »
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Yesterday my replacement 1 TB drive arrived. I was hoping to try to recover all the data from my old drive. It only had all my pictures, music, & tv shows... Due to the nature of the failure I believe it to be a problem with the PCB on the… more »
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Yesterday was a really eventful day! I got up and mowed the lawn, then called Jason up to go to the races! Him and I went out to Miller Motorsports Park for the NASCAR Camping World series! Very very cool race. The last 5 or so laps were intense!… more »
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My butt still hurts... And I'm still tired... more »
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Today after work I ran over to get a cut and color done by Natalie. I must admit, I look sexy! After that I went to Macey's to meet up with Ryan Madsen and Micah Flowers to go for a ride. We started from there and went up to Wasatch, then followed… more »
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(Note this is being published late purposely.) Today Eric & I planned to go look at motorcycles. I wanted to find someone who would let me test ride one. So I got up early planing to mow the lawn, only to find my mom already did it! Dana was… more »
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Yesterday after work I got back on the bike. I'm not going to lie, it's been a while. I'm out of shape. I know it. But I still did it. I rode down (being the key word) just to about 23rd east, then turned around and went back up (again being the… more »
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I hope y'all can see this. I'm not sure on DNS settings... for example I see www.waterman981.com.waterman981.com on several different nslookups. Oh well. I know it works through a proxy site, as well as through my phone. I hope it's faster for… more »
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Just got the modem today (After spending the morning watching The Dark Knight). I'm going to have to spend some time poking around in it before I connect it to my network. A quick speed test though and it's upload speed is 3x faster! I hope you all… more »
Issue time09:05:45 am, by Waterman981  
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Man, my luck with computers/servers lately has been horrible! Crash after crash after crash. I'm trying something new to reduce downtime if there is another crash. This machine is virtual. So I'll be making a copy of the entire server (30 GB.) and… more »
Issue time06:28:24 pm, by Waterman981  
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Well it was kinda lame, but I understand why they did it. I gave Sprint a call to argue that we did pay through the end of the month, and when I got on with a person they explained that they were purposefully turning it off to get people to call. I… more »
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My mom and I had planned to call Xmission today to get DSL hooked up. It appears Sprint was a little anxious. Their letter if you recall said 7/31/08. Maybe someone is dyslexic? Hopefully it's just temporary, and this will be back up. It sucks… more »
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Yesterday a new drive for my HTPC arrived. An LG HD DVD/Blu-Ray optical drive! I got this through a 1 day deal for $120. What surprised me when it arrived is it was a Retail package! I figured it would be a bare drive/OEM version. So I installed… more »
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So I'm guessing everyone is on the edge of their seat, wanting to know how it went. Well I went over at 9pm last night. They began hooking me up to all sorts of crap. There were like 10 wires connected to my head. It took about 45 minutes to hook it… more »
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Ya know... sometimes you have a lot to talk about, but don't want to type it all in. Yes it's pretty much due to laziness. So last week I took the Motorcycle Safety Foundations training program. 15 hours total with around 5 hours classroom, and 10… more »
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Yeah yeah, I know it's a few days early, but I got my present to myself today! :D Every month I budget some money for playing with. Whether that is HD DVD's, 4-wheeler parts, or computer parts. Last month it was the new receiver. This month a new… more »
Issue time03:04:46 pm, by Waterman981  
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So I get to do a sleepover in a sleep clinic. Its better than having to go to the hospital for it. So I show up at 9 pm, they hook me all up, and it's off to sleep. I haven't decided what the worst part is yet. What I might say in my sleep (I've… more »
Issue time10:24:42 pm, by Waterman981  
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So my mom and I were in Costco today. I was hoping to find one of these bike hoists, but didn't find one (So I ordered it from Amazon). While we were there she asked me for some ideas for my birthday. So here's some ideas... Pots & pans… more »
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