Yesterday was a really eventful day! I got up and mowed the lawn, then called Jason up to go to the races! Him and I went out to Miller Motorsports Park for the NASCAR Camping World series! Very very cool race. The last 5 or so laps were intense! It ended in a green/white/checker which were the best 2 laps all day. 3 wide through the hairpin! Great racing. I've put my crappy cell phone pics in the gallery.

Later that night I went up to the Spruces with Tony & Chelsey to chill. The crazy thing is we ended up 2 spots away from Eric & Natalie! I knew they were up there and planned on stopping by to say hi, but being so close was crazy! I rode the motorcycle up there, and ended up going very slowly down the canyon. I saw 2 deer on the side of the road and didn't want to get crazy, just in case!

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