My day started out going over to Eric's work to change the oil in my motorcycle. Got it done really quick, and we headed back to Eric's house. He wanted to go for a cruise, so we decided on a route. We tried to talk Natalie into going with us, but she had a bunch of other stuff to do. Eric and I were hungry so first went to Chili's to get some lunch. Mmmm... Bacon Cheeseburger. I knew that if I was going to survive the ride I would need my back seat back on, so we went up to my house to put it on.

We began from there to head up Parley's Canyon, and up to Kimball Junction. We topped off with gas there. As long as we were going up there I wanted to pick up some new shirts from the Polo store. Then it was back on the road. We were headed to Wanship where we would turn off I-80 to get to Kamas. Right before the exit to Wanship we had a nice straight clean section of road. I decided to see what I could do and opened up the throttle. I got to 100 MPH fairly quickly, and then closed it back down. Eric saw 103 before he slowed to not hit me. &#59;)

We started down State Road 32 towards Kamas. Stopped for a few quick pictures next to Rockport. 32 was a nice road to cruise down! Until we got close to Kamas that is. That is when the wind started. Again, it felt like my bike was being pushed out from under me. We got to Kamas and stopped at a gas station for a butt break.

We then began the ride down to Francis, then to Heber. About half way is when the rain started. Imagine needles hitting every part of your body. That's riding through the rain at 50 MPH. As we got up above Jordanelle we pulled off at a stop, and huddled under some small information displays until the rain passed. It was going quick. We were back on the road in less than 10 minutes. On to Heber.

As we always talked about it, but never did, we stopped at the Pizza Hut there. One of the few in the state that has Dine-in. So we took another break, and enjoyed a pizza. We set out again and started seeing traffic. Right outside of Heber, until it finally went to two lanes in Provo canyon, was all stop and go. But finally when it did go to two lanes we were able to get cruising again. At least until we got just past the tunnel. Stop and go again... this time it was all the way down the canyon. That sucked! I thought most of it was traffic due to I-80 West bound being closed, but I later heard there was a car/motorcycle accident. We didn't see it, so I don't know exactly what happened.

Instead of going west towards the freeway, we went south towards Provo. We made our way down to Kristi & Dana's place to check it out and pick up some HD DVD's that were shipped to them. We hung out for a bit to rest. I gave Kristi a small ride around the neighborhood, and Eric took Larsen around. Finally we got back on the freeway, and headed home. Got nailed by rain two separate times, and got soaked to the bone.

I reset the trip odometer in Kimball Junction, so I don't have the total mileage (Google Maps though calculates it at 26.6 miles). From Kimball Junction I have 116 miles. So around 143 miles total.

Pics in the gallery.

Another Google Earth KMZ file of our trip here.

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