Today after work I ran over to get a cut and color done by Natalie. I must admit, I look sexy! After that I went to Macey's to meet up with Ryan Madsen and Micah Flowers to go for a ride. We started from there and went up to Wasatch, then followed that over until it joined on the freeway at 39th south, and I took my first excursion on the freeway! It was only for about 1/2 mile as we got right back off on Foothill and made our way to Emigration Canyon.

We waited there for over half an hour for Eric to show up. This was kinda good as my butt was already numb! He eventually did show up and we began our ride. It actually went pretty quickly to the top of Emigration, but it was a nice ride. Great road! Well everyone wanted to keep going, so we did. On to East Canyon! Again, a beautiful ride! Very very pleasant! I recommend it to anyone! We got to the top, where the pioneer monuments are (ya usually start your mutual hike to Mormon Flats from there), and that's when Eric decided to try to kill me. (Not really).

So we're looking at some GPS maps on cell phones, and it looks like I-80 is really close by. Just have to go down a bit and turn right and that will take us to Jeremy Ranch. Problem... That's a gravel road! (E. Canyon Road/Jeremy Ranch Road) I am leading, and I see it, but as it's gravel I just keep going.

And going.

And going.

After a little while we approach a little town, and see it will take us to I-80. The name of this town?

Henefer, UT.

Smack dab in the middle between Park City and Ogden. Holy CRAP! How did this happen! Not only that, it was after 9 PM and had gotten dark. Well we bit our teeth and started along I-84, then to I-80. We stopped in Coalville for Eric to top off his bike, and we both topped off ourselves with a drink and snack.

Next was windy city. I-80 was SO WINDY! I was getting blown all around. There were many times I slowed way down due to it. That was the part of the ride unfortunately that sticks out in my head the most. Just getting blown all around sucked. It was a long ride, gripping the bars, and trying to control the bike in the wind, but we made it all the way down Parley's Canyon. Ahhhh... There was no wind along I-215. It was so much easier to ride at speed there. We all broke off as we hit our exits, and made our way home.

Final trip odometer reading: 110 miles.

They were calling it my baptism by fire... First time riding at night. First time on the freeway. First time through Parleys. See! Eric was trying to kill me! &#59;)

Here's a KMZ file of the trip... (Open it in Google Earth)

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