Ya know... sometimes you have a lot to talk about, but don't want to type it all in. Yes it's pretty much due to laziness.

So last week I took the Motorcycle Safety Foundations training program. 15 hours total with around 5 hours classroom, and 10 hours of range time. It was Monday - Thursday last week. So a lot of time just going around and doing little exercises to work on bike control. At one point my instructor told me I should ditch the cruiser idea and get a sport bike! It really taught good safety practices. On the written test I missed just one question, then on the range test (which counted for the license riding test) I was a little slow in stopping they said. Whatever... I passed. So yesterday I went to the Drivers License Division and now I have my motorcycle endorsement! Woot! Now I just need the motorcycle!

So then Friday was my 30th birthday. Not much happened. Did go see Wall E. My mom kept complaining it was too environmental, brainwashing kids. I didn't see any of it. I really enjoyed it, and recommend it to everyone!

Saturday... didn't do much there either.

Yup... 4th of July sucks for a birthday. :(

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Comment from: Kristi [Visitor]

Sorry you’re birthday was kinda anticlimactic. We’re all lazy too :P. I liked Wall E too. Not Pixar’s best, but still good. I liked all the parts without people best. I couldn’t get over how they had babies when none of them ever got up. What was it, like Brave New World or something?

Wed Jul 09, 2008 @ 16:42

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