Today started out with Cliff's project to cut down some trees. So I grabbed the chainsaw and headed over about a quarter after 10. I was the first person to arrive, and we began the process of getting some ropes tied to the first tree. As soon as we were getting ready to fell the first one Jason & Eric arrived, so I took off. The chainsaw I brought had a mega dull blade. So I ran over to Home Depot and got a new blade. By the time I got back the first tree was completely down and getting chopped up. I started the work to change the blade. After having some difficulties changing it I noticed I already had a blade in with the chainsaw. DOH! So I put the stock bar back on with that chain. Things fit up much better. Now though I couldn't get the thing to run! Arghh! By this time the second tree was down. I just put the chainsaw down and began picking up branches. This is when I noticed my shoulder was starting to hurt. Doh! So we finished the cleanup, and Cliff, Eric, Jason, & I went down to Astro to get some lunch.

After lunch I ran home to drop off the chainsaw and grab my motorcycle. I got back over to Eric's just as Jason was taking Eric's old Honda out for a ride. I followed behind him for a bit, but looped around a different way back to Eric's. Then we switched and I let Jason try out my Boulevard. He did look good on it! He should get one! &#59;) After fooling around for a few minutes we loaded up all the kids and headed over to the park. Steve and his kids met back up with us there. We hung around while the kids played for a bit, then ran and got drinks at Sonic. We got back to Eric's house and Natalie had cooked up some lasagna for us. THANKS NATALIE! So we all ate some lasagna and rested from the day. Eventually Jason had to leave followed shortly by Steve. But Ryan came over and wanted to go for a little ride.

The fuel pump on Ryan's Suburban had died so after chillin' for a bit at Ryan's we hopped on the freeway and headed up to Autozone on 9th South. I have never seen so many hookers in my life! I've been to that Autozone many times at night, but it was always in a car. Maybe that's why I never saw them. When we left there was a pimp taking his two girls out to State Street. Anyway we headed north, then went around a block and headed back south down State. More hookers. Eventually we got to 45th, where we turned east to jump on to Van Winkle. As we got to the intersection where the Golds Gym is the light started changing. Eric hit his brakes. Ryan hit his brakes. I punched it. The other day I tried to stop in a similar situation and the car behind me had to lock up his brakes. Even though there were no cars behind us I didn't want to try to stop like that again. Eric stopped before the line. Ryan stopped part way into the intersection. And the light turned red right after I entered the intersection. I pulled over and waited for the light to turn again for them to catch up. Then it was pretty much back home.

I'm tired.

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Comment from: Kristi [Visitor]

I’ve never seen hookers in Utah before….

Sun Aug 24, 2008 @ 14:18

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