Man, my luck with computers/servers lately has been horrible! Crash after crash after crash.

I'm trying something new to reduce downtime if there is another crash. This machine is virtual. :) So I'll be making a copy of the entire server (30 GB.) and keeping that safe. That way if this goes down I drop a copy of the server and update the databases from backups.

I gotta figure out something. Let me know if it seems slower or not as well. It's sharing the CPU with 2 other servers.

Well Rich and I figured out why I've been having problems getting the email server running correctly. Unfortunately to fix it I'll have to re-install the host OS. That means shutting this down again! :( I'll install VMWare on the other server and copy the web server over there so the downtime is minimal. (It can run on the other hardware while I reinstall the other machine! :D)

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Comment from: Steve Heumann [Visitor]
Steve Heumann

I was wondering what was going on the past two days. Good to see everything back up and running.

Thu Jul 17, 2008 @ 15:19

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