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After work I went over to Famous Footwear as I needed new shoes. Bad. Found a couple that I liked so I grabbed them. Next it was off to Red Lobster for Endless Shrimp with Eric. I did much better than last time I went. Back in September I only got… more »
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Went back to physical therapy today. Gotta admit I feel a little cheated. I didn't get any heat packs, no electrodes on my back, no ultrasound to heat the deep tissue. I did get new stretches to do, so I'll be doing them now. Next follow-up is on… more »
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These are all replacements for HD DVD's that I already have. In most cases they are exactly alike. Some have upgrades, and some the HD DVD is still the better disc. It's still kinda cool to get so many BD's all at once. more »
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Tired, but I'm home. Back to work normal life tomorrow! more »
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Relaxing day today. Tried to sleep in as much as possible, but woke up about 10:30. We relaxed a bit, then went to get some lunch at In-N-Out. I had a four by four, animal style. So gooey, and very yummy. We then stopped by Target so Matt could get… more »
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Today was the day. U2! We got up around 9 AM and left St. George at about 10:30. Down to Vegas! We got to Vegas and headed down past the strip, first hitting the outlets. Next we decided it was time to eat so we went over to Planet Hollywood to hit… more »
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Today was a hang out day in St. George. I woke up about 9 AM. We all got ready then went over to Village Inn for breakfast/lunch. Had a good skillet breakfast, that was a little on the small side. Probably a good thing though. After eating we got… more »
Issue time01:48:00 am, by Waterman981  
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After seeing the Doc I pretty much hung out at home today (yesterday). I took the entire day off in preparation for a trip to St. George/Las Vegas to see U2. I chilled out, then packed up. About 4:45 I left to start picking up the guys. First was to… more »
Issue time03:24:28 pm, by Waterman981  
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This morning I went in for my next followup on my back. They think after doing physical therapy again the last pain I have, more of a burning sensation in random places from my waist down to my feet, will go away. So I start PT again on Monday. In… more »
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