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Today I finally switched my website over the the new server! Yay! The only thing I have left to move off my old server is my email. It's one I'm dreading. more »
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Tonight was Jason & Jodi's much anticipated Halloween party! I woke up around 11, which was nice, then watched 2 ATV races on my TiVo. I figured noon was a good time to get up, so off to the shower to get ready for the day. First thing I had to… more »
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So I got home from work today and started working on my electronics project for Lacey. I needed some parts so I jumped on the motorcycle and headed down to Radio Shack to get them. On the way back I picked up the final ingredients for the Brains I had… more »
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Saturday that was the plan for the day. I woke up just excited for the day ahead of me. I started it out with mowing the lawn for hopefully the final time this year. Unfortunately I filled my hole I dug just the other day. Time to dig a new one.… more »
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Yesterday Jason and I went riding on the Bonneville Shoreline again. The same trail we rode a couple weeks ago. We rode so much better this time. Minimal walking, and rode all the way out to the fork that leads down City Creek Canyon. We didn't get… more »


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Today I hit the 500 mark. Well 502 to be exact. That includes 162 HD DVD's, and 1 Blu-Ray. It's really not an addiction... (Oh and it's almost time for another rack!) more »
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My weekend started out awesome and ended on a boring note. It started off with Lacey coming over. :D We first prepared our dessert together. It was an apple cranberry crisp, and very good. After we had prepared it she tied me up and forced me to… more »
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Well yesterday I got my "prescription" for my sleep apnea. They delivered a CPAP machine and an oxygen machine. I used it for the first time last night. Definitely different than the one at the sleep lab. I lasted until just after 5 in the morning… more »
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