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Issue time08:11:40 pm, by Waterman981  
Categories: General
Last weekend I spend either laying down, walking around the house/yard, or sitting. And constantly switching between all three. The end result? Very little pain! It really helped my back. So I spent the time watching all of Season 4 of Battlestar… more »
Issue time10:08:47 am, by Waterman981  
Categories: General
Wow it was a long weekend. Both mornings I work up very stiff, but Sunday was horrible. I was barely able to move when I woke up. It made both days very restful. (In other words I layed around all day to let my back rest as much as possible.) I'm… more »
Issue time04:32:47 pm, by Waterman981  
Categories: General
I had to get these papers signed by the doc for stupid legal reasons so I went in today and he asked if I wanted to go back to work. Sure I said, so I go back tomorrow. I only have a few Percocets left which isn't good, so I'll have to see if I can… more »
Issue time10:07:29 pm, by Waterman981  
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Today I voyaged out into the world. It was bright and shiny. I got into my car earlier and drove over to Best Buy. There was lots of pain and discomfort during the drive. After I got home I took some more percocet which took care of that. Later I… more »
Issue time09:36:29 am, by Waterman981  
Categories: General
After days of just giving myself a half of a sponge bath today I finally stepped into the shower. That felt really good. I really don't think I'll be heading back to work on Tuesday, unless I have some radical changes. I'm still getting really tired… more »
Issue time09:20:15 pm, by Waterman981  
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Gotta give a huge shoutout to Eric and Steve tonight. I dragged Eric down to DI to get me a new mattress. Steve met us here and the two of them swapped it out. I napped on an identical mattress today upstairs and it definitely felt better than my 10… more »
Issue time01:48:50 pm, by Waterman981  
Categories: General
Seriously sucked. I've really been feeling it today. I think part of it is my stupid mattress. I don't think it helped me at all last night. I'm feeling pain in my left leg again, and it's super weak. Sitting involves some serious pain. I have… more »
Issue time10:52:36 am, by Waterman981  
Categories: General
Yesterday was pretty ridiculous. I was scheduled for surgery at 10:30, so they asked me to be there at 9:30 I was. I was laying in the room until 11:45 waiting to be taken to pre-op when I was starting to wonder if they forgot about me. I asked my… more »
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