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Jason and I decided to head down to the dunes as it has been a long time. Before going I decided to change my oil, as I hadn't ridden since May '09, and my fuel filter as it was the original one. This was a good thing, as I discovered that my battery… more »
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Last night Katie and I went to try out a new restaurant. The Bayou. I've been wanting some Cajun for a while, and it seemed like the place. We amazingly found a parking spot, and went in. I ordered us popcorn crawfish to start, so she could see how… more »
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I haven't been biking lately near as much as I did over the summer. Last night I decided was a good night to get back out there. When I got home I changed and got on my road bike. I started heading west, down the hill. I did a couple runs up and… more »
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Last night I decided to finalize one of the panorama's that I took down in Moab. I've put it on Photosynth so you can experience how truly cool the view was. This is in Devil's Garden, on the way to Dark Angel. Notice the rock fin that I was standing… more »
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... Welcome to the new site! Well, really it should be exactly the same as the old site, but it's on a new host. I'm growing tired of hosting it myself, so I found a hosting company and signed up. Hopefully this should make the site much faster,… more »
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