Last night Katie and I went to try out a new restaurant. The Bayou. I've been wanting some Cajun for a while, and it seemed like the place. We amazingly found a parking spot, and went in. I ordered us popcorn crawfish to start, so she could see how they tasted. It wasn't nearly like going to a crawfish boil, but it got the idea across.

For dinner itself I ordered blackened catfish, and Katie had the jambalaya. With my entree I got a bowl of gumbo. That's where it started. Part of making the roux in gumbo is burning flour. But it has to be done right, or it tastes like you... burned flour. The whole bowl tasted burned. My gumbo is 1,000 times better than theirs. Katie's "salad" came out with the wrong dressing.

Next our entree's came. I started into mine... tastes odd, but ok. Katie tried a bite and immediately winced. To her it tasted like aquarium chemicals. After she mentioned that I couldn't take a bite of the fish without tasting the same. I didn't finish. The pasta and beans on my plate were decent though. Katie's jambalaya tasted pretty close to authentic. I wouldn't complain about it.

Their motto is "Welcome to Beervana". I guess they have to promote the alcohol because the food is so bad.

Verdict: Don't ever go there!

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