Today I had a followup on a sleep study I just did. This was to see how well my CPAP was working.

Some numbers---

Apnea/hypopnea's/hr (AHI): 123.2
O2 average saturation: 89.5%
O2 low Saturation: 82%

With my CPAP 2 years later:
Apnea/hypopnea's/hr (AHI): 2.6
O2 average saturation: 92.7%
O2 low Saturation: 89%

A bit of a difference! It's shows my therapy is definitely working. Which is great as I want my heart to last for a long time. I definitely encourage everyone who doesn't sleep well, finds themselves waking up often, and even snores, to get a sleep study done. You can first do a home study, where you just wear a vest to measure the stuff in the comfort of home.


Comment from: Kristi [Visitor]

Wait! That’s me! My home study revealed my baby needs to learn to fart so she’ll stop waking me up all night.
In all seriousness though, thanks for posting this. I’ve been nagging someone in my family about it for a while. I didn’t know we could do home studies. Awesome!

Wed Sep 01, 2010 @ 08:19
Comment from: [Member]

Yup, if you think someone may need it, talk to your doctor. The doctors office themselves may have a oximeter they can send home overnight with you, but that only records your blood O2 levels, and heart rate. But if they find something odd, they may refer you to a sleep center. Of course if the at home test comes up positive you have to do the full on sleep study with electrodes hooked up to your head and all. ;)

Wed Sep 01, 2010 @ 18:16

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