I had another date last night with the girl I went out with a week ago. I picked her up, and we headed down to the Gateway, and went to grab some dinner at Happy Sumo. I've only ever really had the cheap California rolls, never anything "good", so this was a first. We got one of their California Rolls, their tempura fried Vegas Roll, and for something a little more bold, the Jezabelle Roll. I tried them all, and while the Jezabelle wasn't my favorite, I did have a couple pieces of it.

After dinner we ran upstairs and picked up tickets to Scott Pilgrim vs The World, but it wasn't for almost 2 hours. So we just started walking around and talking. Eventually we ended up sitting my the fountain talking until it was time for the movie. Back up to the theater, and got in our seats. That movie was so hilarious! I highly recommend it! After the movie, it was like 12:30, so I took her home, then rushed home myself to get to bed. Another good date!

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