Yesterday Eric, Jason and I went for another bike ride on the Wasatch Crest. As it was an even numbered day though, we continued down Millcreek Canyon.

We started this ride off at the top of Guardsmens Pass, and tried to take the Scott's Bypass trail. Unfortunately we missed a turn, and ended hiking our bikes up and back down a really nasty trail. After that it was puke hill. I hate that thing. We all eventually made it up to the top, and took a few minutes to rest up and keep from puking. (I had to keep it down at least...)

We started down the single track. Eric was leading and I was in the rear. I suddenly came upon a horrific scene. Bikes were on the sides of the trails and Eric was in the bushes off the to side. Apparently he endoed on a flat smooth section of trail. He said he hit a rock or something.:roll: He made sure there were no serious injuries, just some bumps and bruises, and we took off. The next climb, then time for The Spine.

I still have not got my mojo back. I'm getting better, but I don't need to ride something crazy to have fun. This results in me walking more technical obstacles. I'm fine with that. So I started my walk. Jason started his ride down the new easier line down the spine. Then Eric started as well. He walked over one section I believe, but rode the rest. Props to them. Then it was into Millcreek Canyon.

Most of that was uneventful. There was a rock section I walked, then a section I did ride Eric endoed again. The guy behind him should have got it on video, so hopefully I'll be able to share Eric's endo with everyone soon. He got up and we rode the rest of the way down. We started down the road, and diverted onto the Pipeline trail. Rode that trail until the first exit at Birch Hollow, then took the road the rest of the way down. 23.6 miles.

I went home and showered, then crashed on my bed. I turned on my oxygen concentrator, and put on my cpap mask and enjoyed getting some O2 into my blood. I napped for about an hour. A bit later Katie came over, we went and grabbed a bite to eat, then I took her for a "Reality Tour", showing her some interesting places from my life. One funny thing, she grew up one house down, and across the street from Cliff and Amy. Crazy! After the reality tour I subjected her to the torture of Missionary Man, and she was so kind to massage my neck and shoulders as they were so sore from the ride. She's now seen a different side of all of us! &#59;)

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