Yesterday was Mountain Biking Monday™.  As such I cruised home from work, got ready, loaded up my bike and headed to Eric's.  He got off a little late, so rather than go up to Dog Lake, we drove down to Corner Canyon where we would have more daylight.

We unloaded and started up the trail.  I was feeling pretty good despite the recent ride on Saturday.  I was in the lead and decided after about 1/4 mile to pull off to the side to see if everyone was doing ok in the heat.  Jason was feeling fine, so he went on.  We had talked earlier about him doing two laps, and meeting us on his second one.

As Eric stopped he explained how his chain was having problems.  It kept trying to jump between gears.  I recommended he adjust cable tension to get it to go on the correct gear.  After resting for a bit we started going again.  After another 1/4 mile I stopped again and waited for Eric.  He never came.  After a few minutes I turned around and headed back down.  He was just a bit down the trail.  He had found the problem.  The chain had twisted.  It was the oddest thing.  There was no possible way for him to continue, so he turned around and headed back down.

I continued up the trail for just a bit.  I went up to the main clearing where all the trails break off.  I waited for about 10 minutes to see if Jason would be coming down either trail after Eric called him.  With not seeing him I turned around and headed back down, taking the singletrack trail off to the west side of the descent.

As I was coming down my front end went into a bit of a hole, this caused the front disc to lock up and my fork compressed.  I was about to endo!  I quickly let off  the front brake, and shifted more weight back.  Whew kept from endoing!  Of course now I was about to ride off a cliff.  I tried to get control of the bike as I rode along the edge of the trail, inches from a long and painfull fall.  I finally rode it out, and was able to get completely under control.  All this happened in the space of about 5 seconds.

I made my way back down, and met up with Eric.  About 10 minutes later Jason called to say he was at the top.  He then began his descent.  A few minutes later Eric and I started loading up.  That's when we discovered Eric had sat in blue gum.  All over his shorts, and now on the side of my car.  Oh well.  We examined the chain closely and I at first I only say one twisted link, later I saw two others.  The chain is definitely toast.

I dropped them back off at Eric's house, then went home, ate some dinner, and played some Lego Harry Potter.  Eric was disappointed he wasn't abe to ride more, and vowed to do it again.  The plan is for Thursday.

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