Yesterday after work I ran home, and got ready to go mountain biking with Eric.  As soon as I got home I called first to see if I had jury duty (still not scheduled and that was the last day to call, yay!), then called Eric.  No answer.  Ok, well at least I'll get changed, then I just have to throw my bike on the car to go.  Time went on, no call back.  I called two more times... nothing.  So I just kept playing Lego Harry Potter.  At about 6:45 Eric called.  He was home, and on his way to pick up his bike.  I loaded up the bike, and headed over there.

When I got there Eric was just finishing getting ready.  We loaded up and headed to Corner Canyon to ride Clarks.  We started at about 7:30.  I was feeling pretty good, and it sounded like Eric was too.  I'm wanting to say we only stopped twice on the way up to the trail junction area.  That is about one mile up, and Eric was starting to feel it then.

After catching our breaths we continued on up the singletrack of awesomeness that is Clarks.  The breaks were coming more and more frequent, as the sun was getting lower and lower.  I kept urging Eric on as we were getting so close.  The sun set as we had about a half mile to go.  I put my sunglasses in the back pocket, and we kept going.  Finally we reached the top.

We didn't want to stay too long as we were seriously running out of light.  We started down the Canyon Hollow trail well after 9 PM.  There was still enough sunlight that you could see decent in clear areas, but in the tree covered areas it would suddenly get very dark.  Because of this we were going very slowly.  We couldn't see if there were holes, roots, or the lips of the jumps.  We went down as quickly as we dared in these conditions.

Eventually we made it back to the car, at 9:45.  We just made it before completely losing the light.  As we got to the parking lot there was a pair of guys heading up using full niterider setups.  After that descent, and feeling the temperature I can definitely see how that might be a lot of fun.  We stopped at Del Taco and got some dinner, then after taking Eric home I went home myself.  First thing I did was mount the handlebar light I had sitting on my desk...

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