Yesterday at about noon I got into my cycling gear, jumped on my road bike, and started heading up Little Cottonwood Canyon.  Legs felt pretty good, but I ran out of water far too quickly.  I got just about to where I turned around last time.  So as soon as I finished it off I turned around and headed home.

After cleaning up I texted Jason to ask if he was doing anything.  I jumped on the moto and cruised up there.  I supervised as he remove the battery from his Raptor to find out the replacement was too big.  Then we loaded up and went down to Wingers where I enjoyed a nice sticky finger salad.  A little cool, a little spicy.  I did have to augment it with additional sticky fingers. :)  After dinner we chilled for a bit, watched some cycling, then after Amber went to bed we popped in Josie and the Pussycats.  Yum!

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