Yesterday my new drive train for my bike arrived. Due to my eagerness I had it delivered to work. I was told about the package at about 4 pm, so I picked it up and double checked it. Shortly after I realized... I rode my motorcycle today. Crap! I took the box out to the moto and started looking at the saddlebags. I carefully put everything but the crank in one side. I had the entire other bag for the crank. But the box just wouldn't fit. There's something about unpackaging stuff at home, but either way, the box was going to the garbage. So I removed all the parts of the crank and was able to fit them into the bag.

As soon as I got home I finished up a salad for Cliff and his family. Then it was time to work on the bike. Removed the chain. Pulled the cranks. Started on the bottom bracket. kept trying the bottom bracket. Started wailing on the bottom bracket. Removed the derailleurs. Switched the cassette with the new one. Wailed some more on the bottom bracket. Finally got it removed! Cleaned everything up, and it was time to install the new stuff.

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Greased the new bottom bracket threads and installed it. Installed the crank. Going well so far. Installed the derailleurs. Got the rear all adjusted up. Then I measured and installed my chain. Excellent! I messed with the cable tension, and took it out for some fine tuning in the circle. Just some minor adjustment, and everything was good.

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I quickly got cleaned up, grabbed the salad and went to Cliff's. Jason and I were there on time at 7 and took in our food. We visited for a while, as Steve & Becky arrived, and finally Eric & Natalie. A few minutes after Eric & Natalie arrived I figured it was time to get out of there. We took them dinner, and they probably wanted to eat it. So I said bye, and took off.

The plan was to go help Jason move some stuff next, but in order to do that I had to get gas first. Cruised down to the Chevron, and picked up some drinks while there. Feelin thirsty from wrenching on my bike. Then I needed to grab some dinner of my own, so I ran over and got a cheese steak. I was eating it when Jason told me he was on his way home. I scarfed the last of it down and got on the road.

Up at Jason's house we were originally going to work on his deck. He needed to sand and stain it. The rain pretty much killed that idea. He also wanted to move some furniture from the theater to the family room upstairs. So we moved a love seat and two recliners up there. Next we moved up the entertainment center for him to put his TV on there. While the room is still empty, it does look a bit better having some seating there. About 11:30 I headed home. Took out an extra link from the chain as it seemed too long, and went to bed.

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