Yesterday after work I went over to Eric's house. They made up some yummy burgers, then we chilled for a while. Eric and I played a little Rock Band, then watched Cloudy and a Chance of Meatballs. Shortly after that finished Jason came over. We sat up talking late. I left just before 2 am to go home.

This morning I got up around 9 and got ready to do some biking. Not on my bikes though, it was a Santa Cruz demo day. So I drove up to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, across from Hoagle Zoo. I got my name on the board, and waited for a bike in my size to come in. First one I tried was the Tallboy. It's a 29 inch bike. I started with the climb up the hill. Stopped a bit to rest, but eventually made it up to the T in the trail. Rather than go left onto the rest of the trail, I went right. That drops back down pretty quickly, then loops back around to the start of the trail. I got back down and waited for another. Next one I took out was the Nickel. I did the same course as before. I noticed this time that the bike seemed much more squirrely while climbing. I guess the big difference was that the Tallboy just rolled so much better than the Nickel did.

After the ride I went down to the Santa Cruz dealer that was associated with this demo, Guthrie Bicycles. I looked over the bikes there, along with their prices. I'm thinking a Tallboy sounds really good right about now. A complete new ride would set me back about $3600. The thing that kinda sucks is it only comes in two colors. So then I came home, and started looking online again. Suddenly the Heckler is only $999! They just dropped the price $200. I'd want to upgrade the shock to the Fox RP23, and that's an extra $116. I had though about putting one on my existing Heckler, but it's around $400, and a different size than the new Heckler. But at that price I'm thinking I'll get that new frame by the end of the year, and move my stuff over from the existing frame.

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