Yesterday was a great day to ride the mountain bike. Eric got off work late, so we didn't leave his place until 7. We booked it up to the Sunnyside trailhead of the BST, and got ready to ride. That part of the trail goes up. And up. And up. It's the same trail I rode during the Santa Cruz demo. We got up to where the trail more flattened out, and I talked him into trying a bit more climbing. His legs though just didn't have it. So we turned around and headed back down via an alternate route.

After dropping off Eric I booked it home, got showered, and booked it down to Steve's house. I got there a couple minutes after 9 to start Battlestar Galactica. We watched the Resistance webisodes, and the first four episodes of season three. Finished at 12:30, so I booked it home, did some work from my PC really quick, and hit the sack.

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