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Hopefully you will see a very slight speed increase. After much thought I've decided Google was indexing my site far too much. So I have blocked it from the site. It was always logging everything, so this should help the speed a little bit.

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Sunday night our kitchen sink backed up. Oh crap. No main sink, no dishwasher... crud! So my mom called our home teacher. He fed a 25 ft snake down the drain (not twisting it). Nothing. He made some phone calls to see if anyone had any other ideas. One guy in the ward suggested hooking the hose up to it to create pressure. I did this enough at Macey's to know this was never going to work. The clog would have to be pretty close, and after 25 ft we didn't get it, water wasn't going to work (Plus the huge risk of bursting a pipe). So I suggested a rental from Home Depot. I was quickly sent on my way.

I picked up a 50' electric snake there. First time down the pipe... nothing. Second time, now with a different head... nothing. 3rd time for good luck... nothing... My dad and I were sitting around after this pondering what the problem could be. I called up Eric to see if his dad had a longer snake, or any advice for us. We could hear the snake and knew it was getting below the house. As we sat there we suddenly heard a huge gurgle of water as tons went flowing down the pipe. Did it clear? We filled up the sink to check. Failure again. Worse now the water wasn't draining slowly like before. I decided I was going to give it one last go, so I removed the trap and started again. 50' in, then 50' back out. Re-attached the trap, and turned on the water. Strange, it didn't sound like the water was backing up... It just kept draining. Two minutes went by, then three. It previously only took 30 seconds for the pipe to fill up... It was cleared! Hooray!

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I thought I would post a quick update.

My dad has non-small cell lung cancer. It is stage 4. Usually when someone is at stage 4 at diagnosis doctors don't try to cure the cancer, they just try to extend and improve the quality of life. It is in both of his lungs, in the lymph nodes at the top of his lungs, and on his bones. He had a bone scan yesterday to see just how bad that part is.

Most of the time I feel pretty good and upbeat. I'm sure that's due to everyones prayers. Please keep them coming!

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How to Destroy the Earth with a coffee can!

I say we do it this weekend! Dibs on looking for the best picture to use!

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I never was the creative one with words. But Kristi wrote something really cool about our dad. Check it out.

Thanks sis!

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Thank you everyone for your prayers at this time.

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Well my bike is 1/2 way broken in! One more ride and thing will be good to go!

We went out to the dunes today, which turned out perfect! The sand was hard, so my lack of sand paddles made no difference. In fact both Eric & Steven rode with their dirt tires too! Unfortunately Jason was not able to join us. Hopefully next time!

We went to White Sands, which we are convinced that Natalie & Jodi would like more. We were on these trails that run through a ton or trees, winding every which way. It was a blast. Totally better than the trails by Sand Mountain.

We got some pictures that are now in the gallery, but not many. My camera ran out of steam. And Eric's camcorder battery was totally dead. D'oh! I guess that means we will have to go out again! :D

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Yup, I just bought a new 4-wheeler! Suzuki LT-R450! Check out the pictures here!

Other goodies:

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What is epic? I truly experienced it today. Matt, Rich, and I rode the Wasatch crest to Millcreek canyon. It was such a beautiful ride! 12.5 miles on dirt! Then another 9.75 miles down the canyon, to the car. We met at Dans on Wasatch and 39th at 1:10. Matt and I got to the car at 6PM. Now I am dead tired. Completely beat. Pics will come soon!

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With the order I placed tonight, I have passed 200 DVD's! I really need to get a new cabinet for them all. I got a new one for Christmas, and went over that a month ago! All Hail DeepDiscountDVD.com! (Of course I sent a return over a month ago, and am still waiting for it's replacement. D'oh!)

Edit: I just received notice the replacement has been sent to me! (11 PM on 9/1/06)

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Thank you to everyone who came to this weeks LAN party!

Our raffle winners, and the prizes they chose: (Names were drawn by me, in a hat held above my head by Rich, witnessed by Ryan P.)

1 - Dana Torp - Wireless Gamepad
2 - Michael Johnson - Headphones
(Then we drew Dana, Michael, Michael)
3 - Rich Kasparian - Tool Kit

Below is a list of everyone who came, and their total hours (tickets):
Michael - 20, Joe - 12, Dana - 11, Rich - 11, Ryan P. - 8, Jason - 7, Bryce - 7, Eric - 7, Brandon - 7, Tony - 7, Nick - 5, Isaac - 4, Ryan M. - 2.

Thanks again everyone who was able to come to probably my last LAN party for a couple years.

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The Goods

Here's the raffle prizes for this weekends LAN Party. I had to change the tool kit as the other was discontinued. So this one is bigger! The winners will be posted sometime Sunday... :)

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Today was the final stage of the Tour of Utah. As it came up Dimple Dell, then cut over to Wasatch before the climb up Little Cottonwood to the finish, my dad and I went to watch the race. We went just up on Wasatch, at the top of the hill right before the light by my house on Little Cottonwood Road. It was a perfect spot! We were the first ones there, but by the time the riders got to us there was many more people. Definitely a race I will watch again next year!

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I've posted a few pictures I took with my camera phone when Matt and I went riding. Hopefully Matt can upload all the photos he took to the gallery soon!

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Here's a Birthday list for my family.

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From U2.com, this September ZooTV will be released on DVD! WooT!

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Ok, The time is now.

Superman Returns
Tuesday June 27th, 10 pm
Century 16 Theaters (by Macey's)

Be there!

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Well the wheeling trip has come and gone. I had tons of fun and wanted to thank everyone who was able to come out! The riding was good (it was great before Jason broke his wrist &#59;)) The food was good.. the sleep was bad... I'm thinking foam pad next time.

But again, thanks everyone for the great trip! I'll post the 170 something pictures soon!

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24 Hours to Save Internet Fair Use!

That is of course if you want to pay not only for your CD's, but every copy of the music you have digitally. Your MP3's (in each location), and even streaming music that is stored in your system's cache. AND THEN PAY AGAIN EVERY TIME YOU LISTEN TO A SONG (RETROACTIVE TO 2001!)

This is why Orrin Hatch needs to get out of office! During the primary's everyone needs to vote against Hatch!

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