Sunday night our kitchen sink backed up. Oh crap. No main sink, no dishwasher... crud! So my mom called our home teacher. He fed a 25 ft snake down the drain (not twisting it). Nothing. He made some phone calls to see if anyone had any other ideas. One guy in the ward suggested hooking the hose up to it to create pressure. I did this enough at Macey's to know this was never going to work. The clog would have to be pretty close, and after 25 ft we didn't get it, water wasn't going to work (Plus the huge risk of bursting a pipe). So I suggested a rental from Home Depot. I was quickly sent on my way.

I picked up a 50' electric snake there. First time down the pipe... nothing. Second time, now with a different head... nothing. 3rd time for good luck... nothing... My dad and I were sitting around after this pondering what the problem could be. I called up Eric to see if his dad had a longer snake, or any advice for us. We could hear the snake and knew it was getting below the house. As we sat there we suddenly heard a huge gurgle of water as tons went flowing down the pipe. Did it clear? We filled up the sink to check. Failure again. Worse now the water wasn't draining slowly like before. I decided I was going to give it one last go, so I removed the trap and started again. 50' in, then 50' back out. Re-attached the trap, and turned on the water. Strange, it didn't sound like the water was backing up... It just kept draining. Two minutes went by, then three. It previously only took 30 seconds for the pipe to fill up... It was cleared! Hooray!

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