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So I ended up sick the last couple days and wasn't able to work on the cockpit like I wanted to. So today we made a quick trip to Home Depot, and after getting home I got started.

First I ripped off the top that I put on there the other day. I replaced it with 1/4" MDF. I'm much happier with it.

After the glue dried I used my router to chop of the side excess and round the corners. Next I used the rest of the board to put the front of the cockpit on.

I then followed the same thing and routed the excess off making the shape beautiful! I then sanded down the whole thing making sure all the corners were nice and rounded.

The last thing I did was cut out the holes for my yoke to go out, and for my panels to mount.

As I sat here looking at it I realized I screwed up. I needed to mount the right panels further towards the center. That would have allowed me to install additional switches on the left edge. The big one being an engine 2 magneto switch. Oh well.

While I was working on that Katie and Thomas did some weeding. Thomas does not like grass, and did not want to crawl on it.

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As some of you may have heard over the last year I've been doing a lot of flight simulation. It started when Microsoft released Flight. The best part of that game was the multiplayer, as I found a whole group of people to fly with. Eventually Microsoft cancelled Flight, so our group migrated heavily to FSX. I've been flying more and more, and have decided it's time to build a dedicated cockpit.

I looked around online and found this page with someone's first cockpit. I thought it looked fantastic. Simple, yet provided all the functionality I was looking for. So tonight I began building.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get the boxes all done, Friday get the front of the dash done and get my equipment in an initial mounting for a group flight scheduled for Saturday.

Oh yeah.. picture of Thomas...

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There comes a time when you have to ask yourself, should this website be used just to post cute pictures and video's of our baby.

The answer of course is yes. Afterall, who can say no to this pleading face:

Click to enbiggen!

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Some videos Katie took of Thomas (All available in 720P HD!)

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I've really been sucking at posting, and I think it's mostly due to the hassle of getting pictures ready. So I decided I'm just going to upload them to the gallery for now... Perhaps I'll add them to the posts later.


Introducing Thomas Johnson!

Born at 10:24 PM, 8lbs 8oz, 19 inches long.

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Well the nursery is done (mostly), baby is here, and I have not posted anything. So I'll fix that for a bit. First off is the nursery.

So the last time we mentioned the nursery we had re-caulked the wainscoting (bead board), and Katie repainted over it. In the end it worked out somewhat ok. It's still possibly flakey, but most of the problem areas are along the top, where he shouldn't be able to eat it for 6 years. &#59;) (And since it's not lead based paint of course, the effects would be minimal).

So I say mostly done above as there is minimal decoration. We didn't decide on Thomas until after he was born. So decoration will come.

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The doctor has decided to induce labor tomorrow, May 30th. I'm excited, nervous, and down right scared to death. I have no idea what to expect, how much it's going to hurt (although according to my sister-in-law who had her baby on Saturday, it's not pleasant), or what, if any, complications will arise.

Someone please tell me I'm up for it. Not just the painful labor and delivery part, but the whole mommy thing. I always thought I'd be a great mom, but now that it's really real I'm starting to wonder.

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We've had a super busy week. After one or the other of us being sick for nearly a month we finally felt well enough to get some stuff done around the house. Monday we went to Ikea to get some dressers to use as nightstands. (Our bed is really tall.) Which had the glorious side effect of giving the two of us enough storage to use Mike's old dresser in the baby's room. Mike put the dressers together while I finished re-painting the seams in the beadboard that he had re-caulked (with the right kind of caulk). Tuesday, Mike went mountain biking with Jason, while I spent time with my parents. We didn't get home until after eight, so we just did some much needed housework. Wednesday we had our birthing class, which meant we didn't get home until nearly 10, then we finished the touch up paint in the baby's room. Thursday we went shopping for some Closetmaid fabric storage bins, which were a pain in the butt to find at the Wal-Mart. I ended up not liking any of the colors, so we didn't even buy any. When we got home, Mike hung up the curtain rod in the nursery then we finished organizing and moving our clothes around. Tonight we shall: get Mike a haircut, go up to his mom's house to help her with her sprinklers, then go out to dinner and a movie with friends. After what I'm sure will feel like too little sleep (because even 12 hours feels like too little sleep these days) I'll wake up, attempt to make myself pretty, and go to a baby shower for my sister-in-law and me!

The crib is coming next Friday so stay tuned for pictures of the finished nursery!

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For those of you waiting with bated breath to see the pictures of the finished nursery, we have bad news. It might be a while. Sadly, upon applying the 'final' coat of white paint to the bead board, we realized that we used the wrong silicone to fill in the gaps. We've been frustrated, disappointed, and down-right pissed all last week trying to figure out how to remedy the situation. We've tried scraping and peeling it off, which has not worked. We tried ignoring it, which also didn't work. Now we are going to try to put a thin layer of paintable caulk on top of the non-paintable silicone. Honestly, if it doesn't work we'll just have to live with it, but neither of us is very happy with that scenario. So wish us the best of luck, and the energy to try again.

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We're about at the end. So no pictures for two reasons, to hold of the suspense of the final reveal, and two, not much interesting happened last night. When we got home Katie immediately got to work, while I cooked dinner. By the time dinner was done she had completely finished filling all the holes. After dinner she took at nap while I finished siliconing all the seams. Once it dries, the bead board is ready for paint! Katie wanted to get a bit extra done so she quickly finished painting the closet. We're going to take a night off tonight, and will be with family tomorrow, so the final painting should be on Monday. Stay tuned!

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Tonight we got a later start. After getting home I first had to cook dinner (Salmon and grilled vegetables), before we could start. Katie worked on filling the nail holes, while I started applying silicone to the seams and corners. At 9PM I decided we needed to call it quits for the night, so we didn't quite finish.

Since I don't have many pictures, here's the results of my spraying the first coat on the bead board, along with a first coat on the trim.

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Tonight when we got home I immediately started on the chair rail. I finished cutting all the pieces I would need, and dry fit them to ensure proper fit. Next Katie came in and helped me level them out as I nailed them in. I got to use my finish nailer, which worked great! We got all of them hung quickly.

The last thing I needed to do was trim out the corners. I took out my dremel tool to carve out a bit of the base boards for the trim to slip into. Once it's all siliconed and painted it will look great!

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Tonight we got home and I got to work. I started cutting the last of the bead board. After all my pieces were cut we did a marathon to hang them. One, then the next, then the next. Katie electrocuted herself again. It actually went really quick.

After that I wanted to get some of the trim cut, so I measured the one that would be cut short and made that 45 degree cut. I also cut another quickie that would be full length, but just need 45's on both ends.

It's starting to come along much quicker, and I can see the finish line. Tomorrow I'll try to finish the chair rail, then will be some corner trim, putting silicone in the gaps, and filling the nail holes, followed by a last coat of paint.

And Katie adds: "P.S. we still have to finish the missed spots in the *)(@#$ closet! (Don't ever paint a closet)"

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2nd Saturday working on the nursery

Time for the complex stuff. I started measuring and cutting the bead board. We found out quickly that our base trim was not very level. Oh well, we'll do the best we can! So we started applying it. Liquid Nails on the back, some brad nails in the front. It was nice to be able to use my new nail guns, the brad nailer worked great! It was during this time Katie electrocuted herself. That got me a little concerned about what I may do to the boy, but he was moving around later in the day.

We kept working. I would measure and cut, then call in Katie to help glue and hold it, while I nailed it in. We got about 1/3 of the way done and ran out of glue. It was time for another Home Depot run.

This one we knew would be bad. Another gallon of paint, glue, other small needed tools, and the chair rail. Another expensive trip, hopefully the last one.

When we got home I started work on the chair rail while Katie took a nap. What I did was route out the bottom to fit flush over the bead board, and against the wall at the same time. Basically to look like this:


So I took each board and ran it over the table router a couple times to get the depth I wanted. It worked perfectly!

Once I was done I took them all downstairs and sprayed them with a first coat of paint. Back upstairs I hung a couple more sheets of bead board, and called it a night.
(cell phone pic)

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Yesterday we did some errands to get ready for the weekend. First we stopped at Sears over lunch to pick up a router table I bought. Second stop was after work at my moms house to grab my dad's old router. Went home and I mounted them together, perfect fit! We then did a bit more painting. I had gone to far with the blue in some spots and hit the ceiling, so Katie covered those up. She also finished the window casing, and the closet frame. I got more of the bead board painted, along with the other side of the closet doors.

Tonight was more errands than painting. We ran over to Katie's parent's house to borrow her dad's jig saw. I didn't think about it when we were at my mom's to borrow hers. That was alright though as we also borrowed his miter saw for some trim cutting. After picking them up we went out to dinner with them then headed home. I did get the last of the bead board coated with a single coat of paint.

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After taking the day off the nursery yesterday, we went back to it today. First step was a Home Depot run. We picked up an extra gallon of white paint, and got our bead board for the bottom of the room. At 4'x8' sheets, they wouldn't fit in either of our vehicles, so we had a worker there cut them exactly in half for us. The first one was way off, with one board being about an inch longer than the other, but the rest were fine. We ended up with 10 sheets 4' by 4'. We squeezed them into the back of Katie's Outback and headed home.

Once home I began painting downstairs, while Katie painted in the nursery. I got out the sprayer and started applying a first coat of paint to each of the boards, as well as painting the closet doors white to match the rest of the room. Katie continued in the closet but it was slow going. After I was done I brought up the sprayer to use in the closet. We masked off all the carpet in the closet, and I started spraying. It went so much quicker and better than rolling & brushing. Some quick back rolling and it was mostly done. It does look like I missed some spots, so we'll have to hit those again later.

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Today after work we continued working on the nursery. Katie masked off the ceiling, and we cut in the rest of the blue on the walls. We decided to paint the closet as well, and decided to do that in white. So we slowly began that, and quickly realized how much it sucks. We didn't get very far on it. We also started painting around the closet door and window in white as well.

More to come!

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The time is coming quickly, so it was time to start setting up the nursery. There was a lot that Katie wanted to do, so we planned to start early. Here's some before pictures (click to embiggen!). Wall and ceiling the same color. The trim and door were the same before we moved in.

First step was to pull down the speakers and the light fixture. We were finally going to get rid of the beige ceiling paint. Katie picked up 2 gallons of ceiling paint, which is pretty flat, and kind of thicker. It actually went up pretty quick. We waited about 20 minutes after finishing and did a second coat. After the bulk of that dried I reinstalled the lights and speakers into the ceiling while Katie did the edges.

We did some cleanup to prepare to paint the walls next. We had painted a spot of the color we wanted, and were happy with the color. So we started off the walls. (This picture shows the color well.)

The nice thing was we weren't doing the whole wall, as we had other plans for the bottom. Two coats and we were done for the day. Here's a few shots of the room at the end of the day. These two are cell phone pictures, so the color is off.

Two coats done!It's already starting to take shape
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So Katie wrote this and was going to post it on her section of the blog, but since that is only viewable on our family site (http://www.mnkjohnson.com), I'm going to post it so it's on both sites.

Wow. We suck as bloggers. No wedding pictures. Limited number of house pictures. No baby pictures, granted he’s not born yet, but we have ultrasounds. A ton has happened since March 5th of last year and we’ve blogged very little of it.

March 5th 2011---Wedding Day!

Today I got to marry my best friend and soul mate. We met at the Wight House in Bountiful around one to take the pictures so it wouldn't be forever between the actual ceremony and the reception/dinner. Mike hadn’t seen my dress and I wanted a picture of his face when he did. It was priceless. We had fun with the pictures and the photographers. Our good friends Jason and Jenn were helping us out. I found out that Mike hadn’t eaten anything, so I asked the lady at the reception center to feed him. She forced him to eat some food they had in the kitchen. The ceremony was beautiful and simple. My dad walked me down the aisle, one of my favorite moments. He was happy to give me away; he didn’t even tell me it wasn’t too late to change my mind! The ceremony was emotional. Mike was crying, my sisters were crying, apparently several other people were crying. I just couldn’t stop smiling. I was just so incredibly happy, I knew things were just going to get better and better as time went on. I just kept thinking, I’m marrying this incredible man, who adores me. I can’t believe how lucky I am. It was a nice, calm reception with good friends and family members. We left the reception around eight p.m. in our jeans and went to the hotel. We drank sparkling apple cider, ate munchies from awesome gift baskets (thanks Kristi, Jason, and my brothers and sisters), washed the 400 pounds of hairspray out of my hair, and did some other stuff that is inappropriate for polite conversation.

The next day

We washed the car and vacuumed out the dove and heart shaped confetti, which we still find pieces of occasionally (thanks Jason), and drove to St. George. We got there at about six, checked-in to the time-share condo we were staying at (courtesy of Mike’s mom), and went to find a place to get dinner. Nothing was open. So we went to the grocery store, bought some salmon and potatoes, and took them back to the condo. Mike undercooked the salmon and I undercooked the potatoes. We still ate it. Then we watched some TV and went to sleep. We didn’t manage to sleep well the entire first week of our marriage. We are both night owls with a tendency to sleep in so we’d go to sleep around 12 or 1 am but my darling husband would still wake up around 7:30 or 8. Despite the lack of sleep, our Honeymoon was wonderful. It was beautiful, and warm, and beyond relaxing. We did some shopping, some hiking, some swimming, and some more stuff that is inappropriate for polite conversation. We also watched some History Channel TV.

We came home on Thursday that week to give ourselves time to a) move me in to the ‘bachelor pad’ and b) get settled before having to go back to work. We got wonderful gifts from all our friends, neighbors, and family. I attempted to write Thank You cards, couldn’t force my hands to do that much writing, and resorted to creating a generic Thank You card on the computer. I even printed them out and put them in envelopes. I never did get around to addressing them or sending them out, because I suck, and eventually I was just too embarrassed to send them because of how long it had been (six months). But you should all know, Mike and I are both incredibly grateful for every last gift and well wish.

Several months later:

We started looking for a house. We used a realtor recommended to us by Tony and Chelsey, Dave Maltby (if you want his number just ask). We ended up loving him so much that we recommended him to my brother and sister-in-law. He will do anything to help you find the house you want. Dave spent months with us going to roughly 10 houses a week (usually on a Wednesday night). Through losing the first house we loved, finding out that the second house we loved was a block away from a slow moving landslide that was causing houses above it to be condemned. Finding a third house we loved just to find out the next day it had been under contract for a while (the stupid realtor that Dave set up the visit with had said nothing about there being an offer on that house). And finally after three or four months of an exhaustive search, finding the house we bought. Dave explained everything to us and held our hands through the whole process. We consider him a friend now. (He helped my brother and sister-in-law find their house, I believe the first day they went looking.)

Our family room/dining room/kitchen.

Our back yard.

August 15th, 2011

I started my new job at 3M HIS today. I feel like I’m totally out of my depth here. It’s a completely new style of writing with completely new tools (software). I do feel a little better that the writing team here has only been using this software for two years and they are still learning how to use it. It’s always scary to start a new job, especially when it’s in a new field. I miss my co-workers and friends but I am happy to not be traveling anymore. It was starting to get really hard to leave my husband in my nice warm bed at four am to make a flight.

September 24th, 2011

We moved in to our new house. I’ll let you read Mike’s post about that if you’d like more details.

October 6, 2011

I was a couple days late so I took a test, completely expecting the results to be negative. I’d been late a couple of other times and wasn’t really worried about it. Guess what? It was positive. You could have knocked me over with a wet noodle. We’d only gone off birth control the month before. I was expecting it to take at least three months to get pregnant. I was freaking out privately in the bedroom. I had downloaded a pregnancy app to calculate my due date, and was just looking at the screen that said “Congratulations, you’re 3 weeks pregnant!” when Mike came in. He said, “What should we use as the password for the wireless internet?” I held out my phone and said, “how about this?”

His eye’s got really big and he said, “Really?” I just nodded. I thought he was going to pass out, or freak out, or something. He said, “Really?” I think he thought I was pulling his leg. I had to show him the test. Then I had to take another one (for both of us). He wasn’t unhappy, just like I wasn’t unhappy. It was just…a lot. To find out so quickly after the move and so quickly after stopping birth control. I think we were both shocked.

Our baby at 19 weeks old.

December 27th, 2011

By this time Mike and I had gotten used to the idea of having a baby and were no longer freaking out. (Well maybe a little, it’s a big change!) Mike really wanted a girl. I really wanted a girl (they are more fun to shop for). Today we went to the doctor and found out that it’s a boy! He was not cooperative and didn’t want to move his little hand so we could see that he was a boy, but I poked him until he moved enough for the doctor to see it. Mike was still holding out hope that the official ultra-sound in two weeks would show a girl. It didn’t, he’s still a boy.

February 14th, 2012

Our second Valentine’s Day together. Mike spoiled me :D He sent me beautiful tulips, a teddy bear, and chocolates at work. After work he took me to P.F. Changs for dinner. Thank goodness he made reservations weeks earlier, we were seated in less than five minutes, even though the waiting area was full (standing room only). Best Chinese food I’ve ever eaten! The lettuce wraps were wonderfully flavorful. I had the shrimp with candied walnuts for dinner; I’m salivating just thinking about how delicious it was. Then we went home, I gave him Lego Pirates of the Caribbean for the Wii, he gave me Sims3 Pets for my PC. (We are a geeky couple aren’t we?) It was a great day and a great night.

Beautiful tulips from Mike.

February 16th, 2012

I’ve had a really easy pregnancy, and I know that. Both of my sisters got deathly ill and threw up a ton when they were pregnant. I was nauseous for a couple of months. I’ve been exhausted. I’ve had ‘growing pains.' But I’ve had a really easy pregnancy. Today, I couldn’t feel the baby moving, he is usually active in the morning, and I was having strange sharp pains in my lower abdomen on the right side. After five hours of random pains and no fetal movement, I called the doctor. He was delivering a baby, so his nurse told me to go to the hospital to check things out. I was pretty calm, Mike was not. We got to the hospital and about 30 to 40 seconds after they got the heart monitor on me, the baby got the hiccups. He was swimming around so much! You could hear it every time he swam past one of the monitors, it would make a funky sound. They tested me for everything. Blood was taken, I got to experience my very first catheter (shudder), and they did an ultra-sound to check the fluid levels in there. Things ended up being just fine, but it was a little scary.


We are less than a week away from celebrating our one year anniversary. Things have calmed down a bit. I feel more confident at my job. I’m excited to meet my crazy active baby. Mike is now used to the fact that it’s a boy, and is getting excited. We are planning to move some furniture and start painting the nursery in the next couple of weeks. We bought a rocker/recliner to make feeding easier. We’ve created a great plan for the basement. We’ll be working on that a little at a time, as funds become available. We love our neighborhood. Overall, things are great. I feel like it’s the calm before the storm, but I’m ready for it. I’m excited to see what the next 365 days bring into our little family’s life.

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