We've had a super busy week. After one or the other of us being sick for nearly a month we finally felt well enough to get some stuff done around the house. Monday we went to Ikea to get some dressers to use as nightstands. (Our bed is really tall.) Which had the glorious side effect of giving the two of us enough storage to use Mike's old dresser in the baby's room. Mike put the dressers together while I finished re-painting the seams in the beadboard that he had re-caulked (with the right kind of caulk). Tuesday, Mike went mountain biking with Jason, while I spent time with my parents. We didn't get home until after eight, so we just did some much needed housework. Wednesday we had our birthing class, which meant we didn't get home until nearly 10, then we finished the touch up paint in the baby's room. Thursday we went shopping for some Closetmaid fabric storage bins, which were a pain in the butt to find at the Wal-Mart. I ended up not liking any of the colors, so we didn't even buy any. When we got home, Mike hung up the curtain rod in the nursery then we finished organizing and moving our clothes around. Tonight we shall: get Mike a haircut, go up to his mom's house to help her with her sprinklers, then go out to dinner and a movie with friends. After what I'm sure will feel like too little sleep (because even 12 hours feels like too little sleep these days) I'll wake up, attempt to make myself pretty, and go to a baby shower for my sister-in-law and me!

The crib is coming next Friday so stay tuned for pictures of the finished nursery!

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