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So as you can see my site is now back up. My server had gone down in a power outage, and the bios was set to halt on all errors. Since there was no keyboard it halted... and waited... But now it is back.

So.. July... One thing I should mention is I got back in touch with Jillian. I actually met up with her and we caught up on the last year. Funny thing is now she doesn't talk to me. She hadn't changed at all. She still lives a complete lie.

Not much else happened in July. Lets see if I can remember August...


Well... I started school. I am taking 14 hours this semester. Communications, Linux+, Human Relations, & Convergent Networking Technology. So far it is killing me! If I didn't have a scholarship I would only have 8 hours. Oh well... we'll see how it goes!

That's all. I will be moving my server soon. I rewired our network closet to a patch panel, and will be moving my servers in there. Of course they should only be down for like 20 minutes. I just gotta remember to plug them in! :)

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Look at me go... 3 posts in a single day... (Although the one about Lance should be considered yesterday(he won today's stage btw))

Last week while at a photo shoot, the upcoming album was stolen from U2. There are many articles at U2 Interference. I like to point out this article about the robbery. It says that if the CD is released on the internet this week, U2 will immediately react putting the new album for sale on the iTunes music store. Then the CD will be in stores by the end of the month (note that is 9 days from when he said that!)

Personally I hope it doesn't show up on the net. While I am so jonesing for new songs, and would love to hear it, I think it is important to release it when the band wants it released. Plus I don't want to buy it twice! I would probably do that just to hear the new songs, but would go get the CD when it hit stores. Of course I haven't bought anything from iTunes, and don't plan to. My reason is simple. The AAC files you download from there cannot be played on my empeg. Sure I could burn them to CD, then re-rip them, but I would lose quality! Not to mention that I encode all my MP3's at high variable bit rates. 128 CBR just isn't good enough!

Now the good stuff. Early Moses now has a website! This is Ross Childress' (formerly of Collective Soul) new band! I have totally been jonesing for their new stuff! And if you look there is a link called "Listen" where you can hear portions of 4 new songs! I think they rock, and I am totally stoked for a CD to be released. Also on the contact page you can email Ross directly! It also lists addresses and phone numbers... I wonder who would answer?? Anyways be sure to check them out!

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I suppose I should post that if you haven't seen This Land, you should watch it. Yes.. our country is in deep trouble. I personally am not excited of either of them. But for me Bush is the lesser of two evils. That's why myself and others at my work are writing in our Assistant Grocery Manager, John Webster. ;)

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So I have watched most every stage of the Tour this year. Lance is the man! Today was the individual time trial up L'Alpe d'Huez. Lance beat Ivan Basso who was in second place by over 2 minutes, putting him 3 minutes 48 seconds behind in the overall race. I've really gotten into it. I love watching every race, and am picking up on all the lingo of the race. Maybe one day I'll be able to go to see a couple stages live. That would rule!

With this I just got my yellow wristband.


I ordered a 10 pack, to split with a co-worker. I couldn't wait to get them so once I found out Canyon Bicycles had them I ran down and got the last one they had at the time. As of now, I still have one available if you want to give me your dollar to fight cancer and help the Lance Armstrong Foundation get to their $5,000,000 goal.

Lance Armstrong Foundation

And if you haven't seen it, you can see the Lance Armstrong/Nike commercial here. Despite the marketing standpoint of Nike, I think this is a truly excellent commercial. It is uplifting. And the Nike logo of "Just do it" goes right along with it. I love when he rides past the childrens hospital and pumps his fist in the air. Totally cool. Lance is definitely one of my heroes. The only thing about him I dislike is his marriage ending. Other than that I think he is a truly great man. As it looks like his win for a sixth consecutive Tour de France is just about in the bag, here's to next year!

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Happy Birthday to me! Yay! :)

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I tell ya... So my car was involved in another accident this week. I figured I must have a bulls-eye painted on my car so I went and washed it. While I was a work a Lady's car door swung open and put a big dent right between the rear passenger door, and tire. It was right on the flare out of the rear quarter panel. Got an estimate and its another $1000 of damage. Fortunately the gal left her name and number. I called her and she was very helpful, and got her insurance rolling on it. I will hear back next week on getting it repaired. Yup, when it rains it pours!

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Today I got hit in my car! The damage is very minor, but my entire bumper will need to be repainted. One girl cut me off, and I didn't have room to brake, and the girl behind me hit me. The front of my car looks fine, but the back will need to be repaired. At least I was driving good and just got caught in the middle. I don't plan to pay a dime for this.

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Well, yesterday Matt Kiisel from work and I drove up to Boise to see Collective Soul. Unfortunatley the sound guys sucked as it was mixed horribly! The venue was tiny however! Probably 200ft by 200ft. This included 3 tour busses, a small box truck for equipment and the stage. Also there were porta-potties in the space and vendor booths selling t-shirts and overpriced drinks. After about 4 songs security asked me to go with them. I was recording the concert with my mini-disc recorder. I had to give them the disk, then take the recorder out to my car. I missed 2 songs. But because I was very cooperative with them they let me back in. Ed kept getting pissed off at the sound guys and would walk over to the side, yell at them, then come back and rock out. Despite all their problems they really played for the croud. They talked about their new album "Youth" coming out in Sept/Oct. They played a couple new songs which was really cool. Right before they closed with "Shine" they played "Highway to Hell" which was fun to sing along to! After "Shine" Ed through his pick into the crowd and Matt got it. Punk. We then drove back, getting back home about 3:45 AM. Long but great day!

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I just heard about this hacking conference that took place in the middle of June. Check it out:


Looks like from Tom's Hardware that there was a cool talk on piggy backing on DNS requests to get through firewalls. According to the L1 site they will be releasing DVD's of all the presentations that took place. May have to get those...

Crazy stuff there!

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Yesterday I helped Jason & Jodi move. They are building a house up in North Salt Lake, and had sold their old house. They will be living in a town home in Bountiful until their house is built. We went and saw Harry Potter 3 after the move. Good show. I think I liked the other 2 better, mainly due to the character development that they did. But good.

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So just after posting on Sunday I went looking at how one guy installed his empeg into his Audi TT. His factory deck is the exact same as mine! I figured there must be a way. So Monday I started the install project. Looking I found there are line level outputs from that deck. All I had to do was tap into them and now I have sound! My empeg is in!! 3 Months, and in the end it cost me a total of $15 to install it. I still hope to replace the system as I said before. But now I don't feel the rush to do it.

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I put my empeg in my dash to see how it would look. It looks great! I really need speakers and amps! I put pictures in my gallery.

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So not much new has happened. Today I got a nice cut and color for my hair. It has been a while since I've gotten highlights done, and it's nice to have them again. I must admit, I look so much hotter! :P It will be cool because I'm getting set up with Tony's sisters friend. I met her once at Tony's moms house. So I am really excited for it.

Well I've decided what to put in my car to get my empeg installed. Now all I need is money. I do accept cash donations! &#59;) For my speakers I will be putting Focal Utopias in. 5 1/4" in the front doors, 6 1/2" in the rear doors. To power them a JL Audio 450/4. Also a JL Audio 500/1 sub amp powering a JL Audio 10w6v2 sub. It will take me some time to get this in. I will go for the Focals first, as having my empeg in soon is important. That's about all for now.

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Rich and Kim were married today. It was really cool. They held the ceremony down the hill from me at the Blessed Sacrament Church. It was my first time going to a Catholic wedding ceremony. Everyone I talked to told me to prepare to be there for 2+ hours. I was really suprised when it was only 30 minutes. But like I said, it was really cool. Rich and Kim both looked really excited (Rich a little nervous as well ;)). May you two have a happy and blessed life together!

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Jason posted some pictures today in the 4-wheeling gallery! They are all the ones from January 3rd. Take a look.

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This last weekend was my friends and my big 4-wheeling trip of the year. Tons of people were able to come out. Eric & Natalie, Jason & Jodi (with Misty), Randy & Jenny Fischer, Jeff Beba, Jeff Yost, Steven Reimann, Gary & Lisa Reimann, Julie Reimann, Ryan Reimann, Brad, 2 of Eric's neighbors, and I think it was about 7 other people related to Eric. Too many to catch all the names. Eric's cousins were definitely crazy out there on the dunes. But I guess they have lots of experience riding, and basically have much bigger cahones than me! I rented a raptor again. It was a decent bike. I took Eric's out once and it really made me realize that the bike I rented was crap.

So Steven and I drove out with Jason and Jodi on Thursday. We stopped to get pizza at the Little Caesar's down by Saratoga Springs. I ordered a hawaiian, Steven a pepperoni. After 15 they asked us what we ordered... they lost it!!! So we re-ordered... then made one pizza half and half... I had it and told Steven to get our money back... Time to go elsewhere. They put ham and pineapple on the pepperoni side, and got another pepperoni for Steven. They gave us 2 free crazy breads during this, and asked if we wanted store credit. But how lame was that!

Then 2 glorious days of riding. I went on a couple rides with Natalie and Jodi to rescue them from precarious situations. On Saturday night we went for a ride to find little bunnies. Steven and Randy saw one, and almost got it. Jeff Yost and I didn't see anything. We took Stevens airsoft guns out to hit them with, and I ended up emptying the clip at nothing.

That night I woke up around 4 am.. jumped out of my car (which by the way does have enough trunk space for me to sleep in!) and hurled all over the ground. This happened one more time about an hour later. The rest of the morning was spent trying to sleep upright in the passengers seat, running to the bathroom every half hour or so. I felt lucky nurse Jenny was there. She had Tums, and Saltines! It helped so much! I munched on the saltines slowly all the way home, and used the tums as well! Jason and Jodi were kind enough to stop every so often so I could walk around. That whole night I spent lying down, and resting. I am still feeling lots of the symptoms. I really believe this was all caused by my acid reflux. I forgot to take prilosec only on Saturday... the day it started. I will be in to see my doctor soon. In the mean time everyone should go check out the new pictures posted in my gallery!


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The LAN party RULED! I got there with Tony about 5pm. We played BF Vietnam, and some Desert Combat. Tony, Dave and I stayed until about 9, helped clean up, then went back to Tony's and played until 3 AM. It was a fun night!

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Today is Drew's birthday. Happy birthday. He and his family will be here next Tuesday for a couple of weeks. Rich is also having a LAN party today at 3M. Should be really cool!

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Today Tony, Chelsey, and their daughter Mackenzie were sealed together as a family in the Salt Lake Temple. It was so awesome to be there. The best and most memorable part was right after Mackenzie was sealed to them. They all sat down on the couch, and sitting there all in white, well the best way to describe it is perfect. Like you could see that now their family was going to be together forever. If I could have had a camera for anything it would have been that. Speaking of cameras be sure to check out all the pictures we took after here! I uploaded the photos I sent through Photoshop first. Most turned out better. But as you look at them its easy to see why lots of photos are good. Some don't turn out too great. After we went to dinner at Ruby River! Very good! It was fun sitting with Andy and Sara Collette, Tyler, and Tony's sister Tiffany. Too bad I didn't have more of a chance to talk with her.

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Well its basically done. I still need to order the feet for the case and the power switch. But it is up and running. It looks REALLY cool. So much better in real life than any of the new photos in my gallery. So check out the new pictures!

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