This last weekend was my friends and my big 4-wheeling trip of the year. Tons of people were able to come out. Eric & Natalie, Jason & Jodi (with Misty), Randy & Jenny Fischer, Jeff Beba, Jeff Yost, Steven Reimann, Gary & Lisa Reimann, Julie Reimann, Ryan Reimann, Brad, 2 of Eric's neighbors, and I think it was about 7 other people related to Eric. Too many to catch all the names. Eric's cousins were definitely crazy out there on the dunes. But I guess they have lots of experience riding, and basically have much bigger cahones than me! I rented a raptor again. It was a decent bike. I took Eric's out once and it really made me realize that the bike I rented was crap.

So Steven and I drove out with Jason and Jodi on Thursday. We stopped to get pizza at the Little Caesar's down by Saratoga Springs. I ordered a hawaiian, Steven a pepperoni. After 15 they asked us what we ordered... they lost it!!! So we re-ordered... then made one pizza half and half... I had it and told Steven to get our money back... Time to go elsewhere. They put ham and pineapple on the pepperoni side, and got another pepperoni for Steven. They gave us 2 free crazy breads during this, and asked if we wanted store credit. But how lame was that!

Then 2 glorious days of riding. I went on a couple rides with Natalie and Jodi to rescue them from precarious situations. On Saturday night we went for a ride to find little bunnies. Steven and Randy saw one, and almost got it. Jeff Yost and I didn't see anything. We took Stevens airsoft guns out to hit them with, and I ended up emptying the clip at nothing.

That night I woke up around 4 am.. jumped out of my car (which by the way does have enough trunk space for me to sleep in!) and hurled all over the ground. This happened one more time about an hour later. The rest of the morning was spent trying to sleep upright in the passengers seat, running to the bathroom every half hour or so. I felt lucky nurse Jenny was there. She had Tums, and Saltines! It helped so much! I munched on the saltines slowly all the way home, and used the tums as well! Jason and Jodi were kind enough to stop every so often so I could walk around. That whole night I spent lying down, and resting. I am still feeling lots of the symptoms. I really believe this was all caused by my acid reflux. I forgot to take prilosec only on Saturday... the day it started. I will be in to see my doctor soon. In the mean time everyone should go check out the new pictures posted in my gallery!

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