So not much new has happened. Today I got a nice cut and color for my hair. It has been a while since I've gotten highlights done, and it's nice to have them again. I must admit, I look so much hotter! :P It will be cool because I'm getting set up with Tony's sisters friend. I met her once at Tony's moms house. So I am really excited for it.

Well I've decided what to put in my car to get my empeg installed. Now all I need is money. I do accept cash donations! &#59;) For my speakers I will be putting Focal Utopias in. 5 1/4" in the front doors, 6 1/2" in the rear doors. To power them a JL Audio 450/4. Also a JL Audio 500/1 sub amp powering a JL Audio 10w6v2 sub. It will take me some time to get this in. I will go for the Focals first, as having my empeg in soon is important. That's about all for now.

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