After work I rushed over to Eric's work and picked him and his bike up. We then cruised up to Jason's place, where the plan was to ride up Mueller Park. Little did I know they were about to change the plan.

As we got ready, loading our camelbaks, Jason proposed we go up North Canyon, and then possibly down Mueller. He described it as a little climb around the corner, then a little downhill before the trail actually started. The little climb was about half a mile at 20%! I was feeling it far too early... When we got to the top of the road climb I changed a tube really quick as the one I had was leaking. Then we hit the downhill, to find we had more road climbing before getting to the start of the trail. Ughh...

We got to the start of the trail, and after another break started heading up. It was very loose and rocky. As I would climb my back wheel would start sliding, and slide about a foot. I almost went down several times, but was barely able to hang on. Going was slow, with lots of stopping to rest.

Eventually we got to the top of the road, and only had single track ahead of us. Jason was losing a tire, so stopped to pump it up. I started up the single track, and eventually stopped to wait for Eric. He never came. I started yelling down, and faintly heard that he had turned around. I saw what looked to be some jumps, so I did a bit more climbing. Once you got on the single track, I was loving it. I went up through a few switchback before turning around. I descended quickly to where Jason was swapping out a tube.

After the tire was fixed it was time for the downhill. Remember how I was describing the looseness of the road.... yeah. There were many times where the trail was too loose to brake, so I just had to sit back and hold on. It was a crazy fast descent. I almost went down a couple times, but managed to hold on, eventually getting to the bottom. We rode back down the road, and to Jason's house.

After we got to Jason's house we were ready to eat. So we threw some brats on the grill, which really filled that hunger. Then to ease our muscles more we relaxed the the hot tub, until about 10:30 when we headed home.

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