Yesterday after work I booked home and got my mountain bike all together. Hurried and changed, then headed down to pick up Eric's bike & gear. Then I cruised up to Red Butte to meet up with Jason and Eric and ride. Jason warned me that parking sucked that night. I made my way up there to the regular parking lot to see Chicago was playing there that night. Due to the concert traffic was being told to park in all sorts of other areas. So I parked not far from Jason, then we waited for Eric to come.

After Eric arrived and got ready we all got on our bikes and headed up Red Butte Canyon road. We rode casually up the the gate where it's closed off, then turned around and jumped on the trails on the north side of the canyon. It wraps around as part of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. So we rode that to Dry Gulch, on the north side of the Huntsman Cancer center. Turned around and rode on the trails back to the car. Not too long, just about 3.5 miles, but a fun ride!

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