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Saturday night Eric and I went for a ride. We left shortly after 4 pm. Up and over Suncrest, then we took the Alpine Loop to Provo Canyon. Much better in the daylight than last year in darkness. We went up to Heber where we took a potty break. We… more »
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Today I went and got a cortisone shot into my back. I got there at 11, and was out at 11:50. Very nice! So they took me back into what appeared to be an OR. They had me lay on my side as the doc first numbed the area, then did the injections. The… more »
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This morning I went in and reviewed my MRI with my Orthopedist. The images were pretty cool. (And they did a quick look for cancer which I greatly appreciate.) You can totally see how the disc is messed up. So on Wednesday during lunch I'll be going… more »
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Went to Tony & Chelsey's place last night to party. At 8:25 I got paged. Started work on them. I left about 2:20 am. At 2:40 I got 2 more calls right around Bangeter. My stupid sprint card didn't work. I could get on the internet, but not on my work… more »
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Left Bountiful about 1:50. At 2:04 I got a call. Just went straight to the office. Just finished it @ 3:20 am. Going home. Tired. more »
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