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So on July 6th Tony took me out golfing for my birthday. I got hooked! Since then I have been out two more times, and even went and bought my own clubs. I did get the cheap clubs, but I'm as beginner as they get. I've been feeling pretty good about… more »
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Hrmm.... Me thinks something is amiss! Last night at 3 am my server did a reboot after downloading updates. After that it would not reboot! For some reason it would say there was no operating system on the disk. At first I was thinking I left… more »
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So for the help of my family, you can go HERE to see some ideas. As always the list is not in any special order. Just some stuff. One thing I was thinking of was a new mp3 player. The one I want is the Rio Karma, but it has been discontinued, so… more »
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