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Look at me go... 3 posts in a single day... (Although the one about Lance should be considered yesterday(he won today's stage btw)) Last week while at a photo shoot, the upcoming album was stolen from U2. There are many articles at U2 Interference.… more »
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I suppose I should post that if you haven't seen This Land, you should watch it. Yes.. our country is in deep trouble. I personally am not excited of either of them. But for me Bush is the lesser of two evils. That's why myself and others at my work… more »
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So I have watched most every stage of the Tour this year. Lance is the man! Today was the individual time trial up L'Alpe d'Huez. Lance beat Ivan Basso who was in second place by over 2 minutes, putting him 3 minutes 48 seconds behind in the overall… more »
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Happy Birthday to me! Yay! :) more »
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I tell ya... So my car was involved in another accident this week. I figured I must have a bulls-eye painted on my car so I went and washed it. While I was a work a Lady's car door swung open and put a big dent right between the rear passenger door,… more »
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