Tonight I started getting ready for the LAN party. I shoveled the back entrance so we don't have to disturb my parents all day. (Note: Everyone coming to the party, we will need to unload your equipment, then move your cars to the elementary school's parking lot. Everyone needs to go around back (the latch on the gate is tricky!) to the basement entrance. We will help you bring your equipment in.) I transplanted a computer so I can clock it up to what it should be. I installed a new drive in another computer and loaded XP on it, which is where all my troubles began! The computer right now will not play Battlefield 1942 at all! Whether single player, or on the LAN, it would quit to the desktop every time. It did this in W2K as well, and talking with Tony, we think it may be the video card (ATI Radeon 7000). So tomorrow I will change it out to a 7200, and see if that helps. Otherwise, I'm not sure. Its a new CPU, 640MB RAM... Sometimes troubleshooting can be the biggest pain in the neck!!!

Tony and I also were testing the network. We had this server, and 5 machines (including the one mentioned above), and they all saw the game. Tony and I swapped CPU's to help us both out (his 2600 was only running at 1700 speed, so he's using my 2100). We noticed that the game would get very jumpy. I'm thinking maybe we better not have the dedicated server. The server is only a Duron 700 (1.25GB RAM). Running W2K3, with IIS running takes up quite a bit of its power. It's just not going to be fast enough. The plan will be to use one of the spare computers until the people who don't have one come. We will find a way!

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