Well today we had inventory at Macey's. One of the guys who was supposed to be there was stuck in California, after his flight was cancelled. There were 3 other guys there and we finished counting at about 8pm. We left after adding it all up at 9:30. Not too bad, 6 hours total.

Eric wanted another match of Risk tonight. Yesterday I was at his place until 2:30 in a 5 hour game of the LOTR version. Tonight it was just him and I and I was winning when we decided to call it. Woo Hoo!! While I was there Natalie saw the preview for Steve's piece on 4-wheeling on a budget for At Your Leisure. This is the one we taped on our last trip out to the dunes in October! So I get to be on TV (unless Steve cut me out!). According to the promo, it will be on Saturday, January 3rd, at 11:05 pm on channel 4. So be sure to watch. It will be TiVo'ed for next years DVD. Plus I am going to hit up Steve for the footage.

Things are looking good for the LAN party. By my count I have 16 possible. Here is a list of people attending. If you want to come, or you have a friend you want to bring, email me the details, especially if they have a computer of their own to bring. I have gotten some drinks and chips already, and am thinking if everyone can donate $5, it will cover the snacks I get, and allow for some pizza as well. As of now, the game will be Battlefield 1942, patched to 1.5, using Desert Combat .6. So if you have that preloaded, it will mean we get to play sooner!

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