The garden was a success!

Huge bounty! Here's one days haul:

Lots of zucchini. We had it boiled, grilled with salt & pepper, sauteed with onions, shredded into zucchini bread, and stuffed. To stuff them we would add some green onions & garlic to a pan with olive oil and get them going, then add ground sausage and brown. We then cooked up some stove top and when the two were done combined them. Stuffed that into the zucchini, covered with cheese and baked. The last couple pans we also put tomatoes on top before the cheese which worked out really well.

Another thing we did with the tomatoes was make our "Tomato Cheese Bread". Basically tomato slices with lots of salt and pepper, then a slice of cheese on top. Throw it under the broiler until it's all melty and slightly toasted. YUM!

At the end of July I did get the center box built, and a pipe run out to it:

Now we've gotten it all cleaned up for winter, only leaving a couple basil plants for next year.:

Still to do next year, we never did get the concrete stepping stones done. That will be an early project. We also need to trim the top caps of the boxes like the center one. That will be done before planting. Then we need to fill in around with mulch. We want to use this rubber mulch, but at $10/bag it will take some time just to afford it all. At least it lasts 10-15 years!

We've also decided on changes for next year:
1 zucchini plant instead of 2 (in the center box)
8 tomato plants instead of 17.
No cabbage - bugs

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