This last weekend was a busy one. We began the process of building a garden.

So quick back ground... at the beginning of the year Katie was asked when she'll be taking vacation. She randomly picked some days, and said the 25th & 26th so we can build a garden. So it was planned. Then about a month ago we see the neighborhood cleanup will be on the week of the 22nd. Close but oh well. I was talking with my neighbor about our plans and he needed to cut some sod out as well. So we decided to do it Friday/Saturday the 19th & 20th. The day after that my home teacher asks if we need anything done on the 20th, and I mentioned what we were doing. He said he'd come help.

So last Friday night I went over to Home Depot and rented a sod cutter with my neighbor. Saturday morning I got started. An army from the ward showed up to help. We pulled some spots in the front that the grubs last year killed, then cut out a 20' by 20' patch in the back yard and moved some of that to fill in the front. The rest we loaded onto Jason's trailer to take to Steve, and piled the rest on the driveway.

So here's what we filled on the front lawn (still has extra dirt on it, but that should go away):

Katie listed the sod and dirty fill dirt on KSL. The sod was gone in minutes. All that remains is a small pile of fill dirt.

So now we have an empty patch of ground:

The plan now is Thursday to dig and run the irritation pipes for a drip line system. Friday we will be building the raised garden boxes. Saturday we'll be filling with dirt. Some of it will come from the other corner of the yard where we will be ripping everything out and replacing it with strawberries & raspberries.

And Thomas loves his mac & cheese...

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Comment from: Katie [Visitor]

And right after this picture was taken he had a nice long bath and a hair cut.

Wed Apr 24, 2013 @ 15:18

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