Huge thanks to everyone who was able to come out on Saturday to help us move!

Last Friday night we were supposed to pick up the Budget rental truck at 5 PM. During the day they called us to say they wouldn't have it, and present us with other options. We could drive down to Provo (the closed at 5, with game traffic there was no way), or 8 AM in SLC, or 10 AM at the original Murray location. We decided on 8 AM. So rather than getting the truck we just went home. Kristi & Dana came up to spend the night, and help us pack. They were a huge help in the kitchen getting everything boxed up.

Saturday morning we got up early and headed downtown to pick up the truck. We were a bit early so we went to get donuts first. We arrived at Budget of Salt Lake and were told that our truck wasn't there. We were getting seriously pissed with this company. The guy running it was checking out another customer when our 24' truck arrived. Whew! We were able to get the truck, and for all the crap they pulled we got their best discount (20%), and unlimited miles (which was good as we had further to drive now). The guy was really good to us once the truck arrived, but still overall it was a bad experience, and we'll never deal with them again.

We got home and got the move going. My realtor Dave was waiting for us, and just after backing in Steve arrived. They got started with the first boxes as more people arrived. Jason first, then a truck with my in-laws... Father-in-law Wes, Uncle-in-law Kent, brother-in-law Andrew, and nephew Harrison. The loaded up the garage stuff (saws, 4-wheeler) in the trailer they brought. Everyone continued moving items out.

I was running around coordinating everyone, while trying to finish up the last few things. Take all the stuff off the dresser, take apart my desk... Lots of last minute stuff. About 2 hours after we started the truck was all loaded up and it was time to head out. I drove up to the new house with Dave & Jason following behind me. Wes, Kent, Andrew, & Harrison had taken their truck and my car up already, and when we arrived they were finishing up the trailer. All that was left was the big truck.

We got started unloading that. Things went quickly. Steve got up to the new house with his whole family to check it out. Eric arrived after getting off work and continued helping. My neighbor came over and helped unload. We were done unloading everything shortly after 1 pm. The pizzas arrived a few minutes later.

After eating lunch, many had to return home, so we decided it was time to take the truck back. My mom followed me up to drop it off, then take me back to her house. I had inadvertently kept the keys to the van which had some glass panels and our TV's in it. So I drove it back up to our house to unload those last things. When I got there my brother-in-law Spencer and Harrison took the TV's in. I found out that Katie's mom and sister had unpacked and folded clothes, putting them in drawers for us. Before that Kristi helped unpack lots of the kitchen.

Once everyone was gone we both kinda crashed. We were tired, and just laid down on the bed and watched a movie. After the movie we had a few things we needed... 4 wire dryer cable, new washing machine drain hose... so it was time for another Home Depot run. Got what we needed then went and got dinner at Wingers. We went home, and crashed again on the bed.

So many people helped, that really made this move go well for us. We couldn't have done it without all of you. So again, huge thanks to Kristi & Dana, Steve, Jason, Eric, & my realtor Dave. My in-laws Wes, Laura, Andrew, Kent, Spencer, Maren, & Harrison. Sorry if I forgot anyone. And I know some of you wanted to make it, but couldn't due to work. Thanks for checking on the move when you were available!

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Hooray! Show us some pictures and don’t forget to send you addy to us :)

Tue Sep 27, 2011 @ 16:45

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