Over the last week I've been going through my computer room, cleaning, organizing, and throwing stuff away. In total I will have taken 14 desktop PC's/cases, 4 CRT monitors, and 3 large boxes full of electronics to be recycled.

Last night was the big move. Jason arrived first, and we started in the computer room. We took apart my old desk, moved it out, and vacuumed the room. Next we took apart the new corner desk. This was much more involved as due to the hutch, we had to switch things around. We almost took it completely apart, took a break to have some pizza that Katie brought over, then reassembled it in reverse order in the computer room. As we were finishing up, Eric arrived to help. We finished up that desk, and moved it into position.

The major item that I needed help with was done. Next was the TV. Pulled it off the base, then removed all the components. We moved the TV stand over, and I started hooking everything back up. Steve arrived, and Jason had to leave. I went back to hooking stuff up. My current configuration is a nightmare. Once the cables were all done, we put the TV back on, and checked it out. One mix-up on cabling that was quickly straightened out, and everything was good.

The final bit of moving was a shelf thing up to my moms room, the love seat down from the upstairs den, and a recliner into that den. Steve and Eric knocked them out pretty quick, and all was done! Huge thanks again to Jason, Eric, and Steve for coming over to help!

Slowly but surely this is turning away from my bachelor "mancave", and into what my mother called... "The Love Grotto!"

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