Today started out much later. I was exhausted, and kept sleeping. Around 7:45 I finally got up. We got dressed to ride and headed out to breakfast. We went just to Denny's this time, where I got the Country Fried Steak and Eggs. Jason just had a short stack. Same thing he had yesterday, but for only 1/4 of the price. (Like I said, Pancake Haus sucks) After breakfast we headed up to the world famous Slick Rock trail.

I applied plenty of sunscreen, and we headed off. After a whopping .2 miles (according to the numbers on the rock) I called it quits. I just don't like riding on the rock. I grabbed the keys from Jason, and headed back, while he continued on through the practice loop, and the main trail. I grabbed my hiking boots, and my camera, and went back out. I took a bunch of pictures from on the trail, and waited for Jason to come back. I know it was over an hour that I waited, but can't say exactly how long. They say the average person does it in 2-4 hours, and I was sure he would go faster than that. Eventually he came back, and I took a bunch more pictures. As we were loading up at the car he said he was done for the day. The whole ride was exposed in the sun with barely a breeze to cool him off.

We came back to camp and hit the showers again. Today I also shaved. I hate shaving, but I hate facial hair worse, and it was getting bad. All cleaned up we chilled in the tent. I wrote this up, and Jason is on his side snoring. &#59;)

I'll finish up more later.

I miss Katie.

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