Yesterday I took the day off, and first thing I needed to do was get my motorcycle inspected. So I took it over to Quality at about 10 am to get that done. I hung out with Eric for a while, and grabbed some lunch at Caruso's. At about 11:30 I left to get home and ready for Timpanogos.

Jason came by and picked me up at about 2:00 and we cruised down to Alpine, and up to the cave. The hike. It was long. My shirt didn't breathe well, and the pants I was wearing were far to hot. But at least I looked good. &#59;) We started a bit late, but we arrived at the cave in just over an hour. We waited about 10 minutes for our tour to start. It's been so long since I did that tour I didn't remember anything. I especially didn't remember some spots being as tight. I brought my new camera, so I was having fun trying to take cool pictures.

After the tour was over began the descent. This is where things really started going bad for me. It started in the toes of my left foot. Sharp pain with each step. I took the descent slowly. On the way down, at about 6 pm, we passed a thermometer. I took a picture. 100 degrees. XX( Eventually we all made it down to the car, with minimal damage done.

On the way back home we stopped at Cabella's as Jason was craving a buffalo burger. So we ate dinner there and Jason picked up a few things. They dropped me off at home, and I crashed.

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