Yesterday I was on my way home from work on my motorcycle, when things didn't go according to plan.. I got off at 6200, and came up to the light to a stop. The road was clear, so I began my right turn. My back tire started sliding completely out from under me. I was going down. I probably shouldn't have, but I put my right foot down to try to catch myself. I barely did before going over. I leaned it back to vertical and continued home. There has been stuff on that off ramp for months, and it keeps getting more and more slippery. As soon as I got home I sent a nasty note off to UDOT to fix that stuff before someone gets hurt or worse.

After I got home I chilled a bit, then at about 7:30 I slapped on my new Road ID, and took off on the road bike. Tonight I was headed up Little Cottonwood. I did the 1.5 to the canyon itself feeling really good. Then the uphill got steep. I rode. And rode. Eventually getting to where the grade goes really steep for a hundred meters or so. Worked my way past it. New personal best. I kept going, and eventually reached my goal for the night, gate B. 4.00 miles from home according to my computer, about 2.5 miles up the canyon itself. Turned around and had a leisurely ride back down.

The rest of the night was pretty mellow. Chatted with Jason as I watched some of the Tour over a plate of nachos. Yum!

This morning I got up early and loaded up the bikes. I drove down to Steve's house to pick up him and Max. We drove over to Germania park to take the kids riding on the Jordan River Parkway, and try them out on the Germania trail. It was a difficult thing. The trail was so narrow it made riding Jason's bike with the trail-a-bike very difficult. Max's wheels are small, so they don't just roll over stuff. There is a bit of a hill on the way out, and after I got to the top I slowed to a stop. As I stopped my front wheel went into a hole, and my brake locked. This threw the back end up into the air. I was already pretty much off the bike, but the bike endoed. I picked it up and noticed my back brake lever was bent. In that little thing! How LAME! I bent it pretty much back into place, and we finished the loop. After that we rode on the parkway itself until about 9:30 when we loaded up and went home.

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