Yesterday after work I had one thing to accomplish that night. Pull my motorcycle tires. I failed. First I removed my rear tire. One of the bolts got on there pretty good, so it took a bit to remove. But I got it off. Then there was the front. I haven't removed the front yet, so I went to the manual and the web.

Ok, loosen a pinch bolt, and remove the axle while being very careful of the ceramic speed sensor. So I loosened the pinch bolt and got to the axle. Hrmm... looked for the right size of allen head... kept looking... CRAP! I don't have it! So I jumped in my car at 8:45 and ran down to Checker. They didn't have it. Hurried to K-Mart since they carry Craftsmen. Not nearly enough selection to find it. So then I drove to Sears, hoping they were still open, no luck. They closed at 9:00, and it was 9:20. So I hung my head and drove home.

So today at lunch I went first to Sears. They were out of the socket I needed... >:XX So I ran over to Harbor Freight. Sweet! I finally found a 12mm allen head socket (needed a socket for the torque wrench, but didn't have a 12mm in any configuration) in a set for a whopping $13.00 It may be cheap and break one day, but it will definitely get the job done. So tonight I'll remove that front wheel and tomorrow I'll be taking them both to Wrights to get new tubes and tires mounted.

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