Been a good weekend so far. Friday I left work a little early to go get a new mask for my C-PAP. Apparently my insurance will pay for a new mask every 6 months. I've had my current one for about 20. So I got the paperwork filled out and picked it up. I then stopped by Taylor's bikes to pick up some tire liners for my road bike. Then one last stop by ToysRus to pre-order Alice in Wonderland. I also picked up Bedtime Stories as I got for $10 with the pre-order.

After getting home I just chilled out for a while until Jason came over. We pretty much just chilled, talked bikes a bit, and watched The Island.

Saturday I tried to sleep in as much as possible. Eventually I got up and mowed the lawn. I was waiting for Jason to arrive, and since he hadn't yet I washed my motorcycle to get ready for the race on Monday. Jason arrived and we got all ready to go, to ride up the Little Cottonwood Pipeline. Jason had previously ridden in Corner Canyon, so we were about on the same level. We drove up to the park & ride lot, and started our ride. Last time we rode that trail I only made it to the water station inside the Wasatch Resort. I made it a lot further this time. Eventually though we got to the point where my legs just couldn't take any more. We turned around and hit the downhill. Our total ride time was about 35 minutes.

As soon as we got back I jumped in the shower to get cleaned up. Jason got changed and jumped on the internet. He wanted to rebuild his fork to see if it would improve the ride. He found the rebuild instructions and we looked at what we needed. We jumped in the car and headed down to Staats bikes next to Smith's where we picked up some 5W fork oil. Then didn't have any fork seals, so we started calling around. We also decided to get a burger as a post ride meal. We were originally thinking Astro, but as we were on the freeway changed our mind to Red Robin. Just as we got off the freeway, one of the bike shops we called returned our call and said they found a seal kit that would work for Jason's fork. Woot!

So I had a pretty typical Bacon Cheeseburger, while Jason went for some spice on his. I tried to keep it good with the bottomless steak fries. They were yummy though. After eating we headed up to Cottonwood Cyclery where they had the seal kit. Then back to my house to start taking apart the fork. We got pretty far in, then we saw the lock ring we needed to remove. There was no way the pliers I had would work. So we went back down to Staats, I picked up some degreaser. Went into Smiths to pick up a oral syringe to measure out the oil, then jumped across the street to Checker to get some new lock ring pliers.

Back up to the house and we took the fork the rest of the way apart. Upon inspection we noticed one of the O rings was very deteriorated, so we jumped back in the car to go to Lowe's. On the way down I got paged. Since Lowe's is so close I didn't take my laptop with me, so we flipped around and went back to my house. I jumped out, and got to work while Jason made the trip to Lowe's. I got to a waiting point on the ticket I got, so I went back out to the garage and continued working. Shortly Jason arrived and we finished cleaning it up and re-assembling the fork. Jason took it for a spin, and is very pleased in the results.

We finished off the night with a Rachael Leigh Cook movie, Antitrust. It was a toss up between that or Josie and the Pussycats. I may watch Josie tonight. &#59;)

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