Confirmed!! There IS a Buy 1 get 1 free sale next week (12/16-12/22) on the following titles (Bold ones I really want! ;)):
The Bourne Ultimatum HD-DVD
Blades Of Glory HD-DVD
I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry HD-DVD
Knocked Up: Unrated HD-DVD
Disturbia HD-DDVD
Mr. Bean’s Holiday HD-DVD
Shrek The Third HD-DVD
Evan Almighty HD-DVD (Already have)
Transformers HD-DVD (Already have)
Harry Potter & Order Of The Phoenix HD-DVD >>>> $32.99
The Departed HD-DVD >>>> $34.99
Shooter HD-DVD >>>> $34.99
Ocean’s Thirteen HD-DVD >>>> $34.99 (Already have)
300 HD-DVD >>>> $34.99 (Already have)

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