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The DNS for my email has become broken. If you needed to email me just do it at hotmail. Edit: Looks like I broke the server itself. Weird. Anyhow it's now fixed. Yay! (Not that it mattered to anyone who reads this.) more »
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So yesterday was Lagoon Day for 3M. I originally wasn't going to go. Then Eric told me it was his parents' stake Lagoon day as well, and they were already planning on going. So I decided to go. There were 3 new coasters since I last went. The Bat,… more »
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Well, according to Intermountain Health Care it's worth about $8,929.35 removed. So since it's apparently worth more removed should I have asked for it in a jar? ;) Now to see how much insurance will pay... more »
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Jeff and Tina Beba had a 9lb 7oz baby boy this morning at 2:56am! Huge congratulations to them! I spoke with Jeff for a quick minute and we talked about how the boy was huge compared to both Jeff and Tina. They'll be bringing him down when they come… more »
Issue time11:42:37 pm, by Waterman981  
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Tonight Dana and I finally installed our Malibu lights in the back yard! Yay! You can like totally see the steps now in the darkness! It rules! I tried to take some sweet pictures to show off, but lets face it... my camera works great at the dunes,… more »
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