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So today I was cruising over to Eric's shop to rotate my tires. I took 215 over to SR-201. Once I got past 4700 S. I saw him. Highway patrol looking right at me, and I was going fast. I knew I was busted so I hit the windows down, started slowing… more »
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So I just heard back from Streamline on my car. Some bolts on one of the new pulleys they installed sheared right off. It did tear up a little plastic piece near it, which is also getting replaced. Fortunately it did not do any internal damage. They… more »
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So I was reminded yesterday how much radio sucks. On my way home from work yesterday, at about 5pm 101.9 played a new song by Maroon 5. On my way to pick up my dad from work at about 6pm, they played the same song. Again at 7pm they played the song… more »
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You would think walking wouldn't be difficult. One foot in front of then other, then fall down onto it. Repeat with the opposite foot. What they don't take into consideration is when you have no muscle control having exhausted them riding the sand… more »
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Man I am so sore today! Yesterday Jason, Eric and I went down to the dunes to ride. It was a blast! Be sure to check out the pictures in the gallery! But I am all around sore. My arms are dead sore, my legs are dead sore, my neck is just sore… more »
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So I got my car back yesterday. $1109.71.------I had $1090. Fortunately the guys were really cool, and I'll take them a $20 on Thursday. Their original estimate of $850 was off by like $40. Then while it was in I had them change the oil and air… more »
Issue time08:05:42 pm, by Waterman981  
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From watching Goldeneye last night, and now Die Another Day is on Spike! May we all avoid the steaming pile that is Daniel Craig! :D more »
Issue time12:59:50 am, by Waterman981  
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So I haven't been able to get the music that David Arnold wrote for Casino Royale out of my head. He wrote a seriously cool score! So I put in the movie to see if I could sit through it to hear that fantastic score... I just couldn't bring myself to… more »
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Ok, so tonight I saw a really really lame movie... Double Dragon. Man was that a lame movie! Check out the screen shots, and never ever ever watch this movie! This is what happens when you are car-less... :( more »
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As the knowledge is buried in the comments, Matt's pictures of the sledding excursion are posted! Check them out in the gallery! (Under Other sports pictures) more »
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Well you guys will have to tell me what you think. I'm glad I was finally able to hack it together. Now the next project is get all the style sheets to match. The Forum isn't wanting to change any colors so I'm going to have to figure out whats going… more »
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Something new I'm working on. It doesn't look right in Internet Exploder yet. Good reason to switch to Firefox. I was getting so sick of the html frames. I hope to eventually have the header look something like this, but as I'm just hacking this… more »
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So with the beautiful weather today I so wanted to be outside, rather than in the office. So I thought about what I want to do this spring/summer. Golfing: At least 3 times a week. This includes both range time, and time on the course. Really not… more »
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So today while driving to lunch I was pulled over for my tint. D'oh! It was a Murray cop, not Highway Patrol. I must admit the guy was really cool. Very polite about it, didn't give me a hard time at all. And after writing the fix-it ticket told me… more »
Issue time10:30:03 pm, by Waterman981  
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Today I went snowmobiling for the first time. Steve, Eric, Matt VH, and I all went up to Daniel's summit to go sledding. So they have a well groomed trail system up there. They say to go around the loop counter-clock wise. So we start heading up.… more »
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