Well the new year is here. So resolutions? Hrmm... There is a lot I want to do with myself, the question is motivation. Of course losing weight would be a great thing. The lowest I have been since my mission was just under 200lbs, and I've gone back up to 225lbs at the moment. I'd like to keep my room cleaner. And I'd like to avoid women! Well... like I said below no women who play games. So I need a woman who won't play games, and who is completely honest. I've been on both sides, one who was completely honest, and one who didn't play games. Now to just find both... I'd like to work harder. And do better in school. There is lots I would like to do with my personal life. Always room to grow!

edit: Actually Jillian played games and lied. Yet I still think of her.... (at least it's not every day!)

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