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Tonight after work I immediately got into my cycling gear, and got going on my road bike. I rememberd my computer this time, and thought I would do the same course as last week. Before I got to the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon I decided to change it again. I followed the same route for a while, going down Wasatch, then turning onto Creek Road. Instead of turning down Danish though I went straight. Down the hill to where Jason used to live. Before getting there though I turned south to go through Willow Creek Country Club. I continued making my way through the neighborhoods until I got to Albion Middle School. Continued south to 94th, and crossed it at 23rd east. The up. And turn east, and up. Total was 10.01 miles. :)

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Friday was Lagoon day for my work. I was pretty much solo at work. I was able to get Rich to cover the help desk for the rest of the day, and was able to leave a little early. I booked it up to Lagoon to join Eric & Natalie & their kids. I met up with them as all the girls got off The Bat. Eric, Kirsten, Whitnee and I all went and rode Jet Star II. Kirsten was pretty much terrified. Two years earlier she rode everything with Eric and I. After Jet Star II we hit up Flying Aces, then went to the Rocket.

Kirsten didn't want to ride the Rocket, so it was just Eric, Whitnee, & I. After going through the line it was time to get on. Eric & I tried, but our midsections said otherwise. :( Whitnee said she still wanted to ride it, so off she went on Re-Entry. With how fast it went it was hard to see her face, but we definitely heard her screams. After the ride was over she told her dad it was a little scary without him there.

An hour had gone by, so we met back up with Natalie & Kennedy. We all walked through Pioneer Village to cool off. First we stopped for some ice cream in "town", then went on to Rattlesnake Rapids. Eric ended up going under the main waterfall... he got drenched. After getting off Kirsten & Whitnee were pleading to do it again, while Kennedy absolutely did not. We stopped by Lagoon-a-beach where they picked up their clothes from the lockers, and we headed out to their car to drop it all off.

After coming back in the park we split up again. This time Kirsten stayed with Natalie & Kennedy, while Eric, Whitnee, and I headed to the big coasters. Apparently Whitnee had rode the Wild Mouse earlier in the day and wanted to do it again. I was closed for maintenance though, so instead we went on the Spider. With Eric & Whitnee on one side, and me on the other, we spun so much going on that thing. Far too much mass. &#59;) After that we learned that Whitnee screams because "you scream when it's fun". Good enough! So next we jumped on the Wicked. More screaming... she liked that one too. There was no line for Colossus, so we jumped on it for a quick ride.

After that it was time to meet up again for dinner. We grabbed some BBQ in Pioneer village. As I got mine first, I finished early. Kirsten didn't eat much so the two of us went and jumped on the log ride. I got more wet on that than I did on Rattlesnake Rapids. After dinner we headed back to the north end of the park so Whitnee could ride the "octopus ride". She was driving with Natalie in their car. I think she was trying to get her mom wet, and succeeded pretty well. Next was the bumper cars.

After that I was wanting to hit the dragsters. I talked Eric into it, and we went and bought tickets. Went into the pre-stage room and had to deal with a guy who spoke terrible English, and couldn't properly communicate what to do, and the safety needed. The people in there ended up chickening out and giving their tickets to some guys with them who never went through the instructions. The guy took them out, and put them in the cars while Eric and I waited. These guys had no clue what they were doing and it took forever! The screwed up the first race... the second... one the third... then the operators gave them a 4th... Finally they got out. Two other people had joined us in waiting and they pleaded with the guy to run all 4 cars, which Eric and I were totally fine with. We all staged perfectly, and had no errors. In crossing the line I beat Eric all three times, however he beat me on time twice. I was just better at launching.

After our races were over we hurried down to Dracula's Castle, where I rode with Bean. She pretty much immediately ducked down to hide, so I kinda pulled her up to see it. After she said it was too scary and didn't want to do it again. So we went to the Terror Ride! I rode with Kirsten and Natalie, and Natalie and I kept screaming throughout it. I don't think it affected Kirsten though. They wanted to try to get another ride in from Mother Goose land, so we walked over there. Eric and I decided to run and see if we could catch a ride on the Turn of the Century. Got on the very last one. We then walked back over, to see all the girls were getting on the merry-go-round. It was time for a churro, so Eric and I quickly went over to the churro stand and got our fix. After the girls ride was over, the park was shutting down, so we headed out, and came home.

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Yesterday after work I jumped on the road bike and headed out. I realized after I left that I forgot my computer. Doh! I rode up towards the mouth of the canyon. Rather than my usual turn right and ride until I die, I decided to turn left. I ended up going along that, down and past the turn where Wasatch turns to go past La Caille, to the next light near Creek road. I turned left there, then down Creek Road, and turned left again on Danish. I followed that road until I got back to Wasatch, where I turned to start heading home. That final climb sucked, but it was nice to do something different. Google earth says I went about 8 miles, so that's pretty cool.

After riding I got cleaned up and headed down to Steve & Becky's where we watched two more episodes of Battlestar Galactica.

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Saturday was pretty mellow. I mostly chilled at home, and did a bit of cleaning. At 4:00 I headed over to Steve and Becky's open house. After it ended we chilled and talked until about 7:00, when we all headed home.

Sunday I went to Cathy Tice's viewing. It reminded me so much of my dad's viewing, that it was hard to stay long. I had to hope I would do better at her funeral.

Monday was her funeral. It was great hearing about her crazy sense of humor. I don't think I ever got it fully. Everyone did such a great job at painting a picture of her life. After the service I hitched a ride with Eric & Natalie to the cemetery for that service. After all the services were finished we all joined Cliff and Amy for lunch. Shortly after getting home Eric came over with his trailer to empty at the dump. We threw my old mattress on top, and headed out to the Trans-Jordan landfill. After emptying the entire trailer Eric dropped me off at home. I made some dinner really quick, then got on my motorcycle and headed to Steve's. Eric arrived about a half hour later, and we popped in some Battlestar Galactica. We watched three episodes, and downed some delicious white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. After that I headed home and called it a night.

Tonight after work was a pretty mellow night. I've just been chilling all night.

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I'm going to post date the weekend, so be sure to read the older post!

Today I woke up at about 7 am. I slept like crap all night! The main reason was because of the wind. My tent was blowing like crazy! I kept hearing noises that sounded like ripping or tearing. Then to top it off there was a big rock under me. Due to those stupid thorns though I wanted to stay on my 1" thick pad as much as possible.

So I got dressed, and headed out. A few minutes later Jason followed. We got the cooking area ready, and cooked up some eggs and bacon for breakfast. Cleaned up from breakfast and got in the car to start searching. We drove further in, got to the end of the road, and started looking around. Looked at a few places, then finally found a crack we could exploit. We started working on it, and eventually got it to break through. Our first find of the day! We figured out how to get to it, and where to find it. It got a little chilly, so Jason and Amber ran back to camp to get sweaters and snacks. The rest of the hunt became much easier with knowing what we were doing. We spent a couple more hours collecting topaz. About noon we stopped to eat lunch. I was already feeling very satisfied, and Jason was pretty tired. We went back to camp and decided to go for a hike. We hiked the opposite way of where we were looking for Topaz, and ended up going up a wash. We got to another section of the rock that contained topaz, and found a bunch of sun washed topaz on the outside of the rocks. This rock was far to hard to break up, so we let it be. On the way back we took a couple shots at some bottles with a .22 pistol and a BB gun. The BB gun lost.

After we got back Jason and I discussed the plan. We were both pretty tired, and didn't want to spend another night out there in the wind. So we packed up camp and got back on the road. To try to avoid the construction on I-15 this time we went through Eureka, and along Utah Lake. We got back in town about 7 pm. I got cleaned up, an really realized how tired I was. There was no way I could go up to Jason's house, and safely drive home after.

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My weekend started early. Today I was able to leave work a little early to get home and get on the road for the weekend. I got home, got the last of my stuff all together, then loaded it up once Jason & Amber arrived. We got on the road and headed down south. The tent I was planning on taking was with my sister, so we went there first. Traffic on I-15 was nasty. I'm guessing it's that way every day now with the new construction project. We stopped and picked it up, and I ran in really quick to see my new niece. We then grabbed a bite to eat at Wendy's then continued onward. We stopped for gas in Nephi, then finished the long, long, drive out to Topaz Mountain.

We arrived just after the sun set. We had to quickly find a camping spot. Stopped in one spot that was surrounded by junipers... felt pretty windy so I suggested we get closer to the mountains. We kept driving, and eventually spotted a clearing off of a side road. We parked it, and started checking it out. Pretty clear, a few level spots. We started getting set up, and that's when we noticed the thorns. The ground was completely covered with them. Everything that looked like just a desert grass was actually the thorn plants. We had no daylight left so we just continued setting up camp.

First we set up a spare tent Jason brought as a "potty tent". Amber needed to go, so it was our priority. We got it set up quick, and put the porta-potty in it. Despite how close we were the to mountains it was still windy. I then got started on my tent. Setting them up amidst the thorns was difficult. I got mine done, then started helping Jason. He had brought an air mattress and noticed those stupid thorns were poking through the bottom of his tent. He placed a blanket down first, then went for the air mattress.

Once we were all set up we pulled out our chairs for a few minutes, and just enjoyed the night. As the wind kept getting stronger and stronger I was ready to get into my tent to keep it on the ground. After a few minutes, with the wind blowing my tent half over Jason walked up to tell me the bad news. The "potty tent" blew over, along with the porta-potty.

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As most people who read my blog know, today Cliff's mom passed away. Yet again strengthening the knowledge that cancer sucks and we need to be putting so much more into research to fight it. It was very hard for me on Monday, when we took them dinner, to see Cliff's mom in her condition. It reminded me so much of my dad's last days. While the sorrow never fully goes away, it was better for me after my dad passed. There was a lot to do to get ready for his funeral, which kept us busy. Many may remember I was a complete mess the day of his funeral, but better after it was all over. Peace comes quickly though when you have more time to say goodbye. Hang in there Cliff & Amy, and my thoughts and prayers are with your family.

I'm going to diverge off the above topic to wrap up my day.

After work I booked home and got on my road bike. I was feeling pretty good as I started. I headed up Little Cottonwood, hoping to pass my last personal best on the road. My first quickie break was at the now closed gates to the Pipeline trail. Then the real climbing began. I started slower at the bottom, and took a couple breaks before reaching the Wasatch Resort. After that the grade goes down significantly. I kept climbing. Passed the entrance to Perpetual Storage. I got to where there is the pipe over the river used as a makeshift bridge, when the road kicked up. A lot! The grade got insanely crazy! I kept going, planning to use ever last bit of energy my legs had. Eventually I made it past where I last turned around on the trail with Jason on Memorial Day weekend. A little bit more... Then bam! My legs were done. I went 3.37 miles before stopping. So about 2 miles up the canyon itself, and 1 mile further than last time. It took me 32 1/2 minutes of turning the pedals before I bonked. After resting up I began the descent. Seven minutes later I was home. I also reached a new top speed of 44.5 MPH.

After cleaning up I headed up to Bountiful. Did some quick shopping with Jason, then helped him get his deck back together after he stained it. I couldn't stay too late, so after moving his BBQ and table back on the deck I cruised home... to work. I had about a hour's worth of work to do after people were logged off, so that wrapped up my night.

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Yesterday was a great day to ride the mountain bike. Eric got off work late, so we didn't leave his place until 7. We booked it up to the Sunnyside trailhead of the BST, and got ready to ride. That part of the trail goes up. And up. And up. It's the same trail I rode during the Santa Cruz demo. We got up to where the trail more flattened out, and I talked him into trying a bit more climbing. His legs though just didn't have it. So we turned around and headed back down via an alternate route.

After dropping off Eric I booked it home, got showered, and booked it down to Steve's house. I got there a couple minutes after 9 to start Battlestar Galactica. We watched the Resistance webisodes, and the first four episodes of season three. Finished at 12:30, so I booked it home, did some work from my PC really quick, and hit the sack.

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Yesterday my new drive train for my bike arrived. Due to my eagerness I had it delivered to work. I was told about the package at about 4 pm, so I picked it up and double checked it. Shortly after I realized... I rode my motorcycle today. Crap! I took the box out to the moto and started looking at the saddlebags. I carefully put everything but the crank in one side. I had the entire other bag for the crank. But the box just wouldn't fit. There's something about unpackaging stuff at home, but either way, the box was going to the garbage. So I removed all the parts of the crank and was able to fit them into the bag.

As soon as I got home I finished up a salad for Cliff and his family. Then it was time to work on the bike. Removed the chain. Pulled the cranks. Started on the bottom bracket. kept trying the bottom bracket. Started wailing on the bottom bracket. Removed the derailleurs. Switched the cassette with the new one. Wailed some more on the bottom bracket. Finally got it removed! Cleaned everything up, and it was time to install the new stuff.

[lightbox http://www.waterman981.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=54399&g2_serialNumber=2][/lightbox] [lightbox http://www.waterman981.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=54402&g2_serialNumber=2][/lightbox] [lightbox http://www.waterman981.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=54405&g2_serialNumber=2][/lightbox]

Greased the new bottom bracket threads and installed it. Installed the crank. Going well so far. Installed the derailleurs. Got the rear all adjusted up. Then I measured and installed my chain. Excellent! I messed with the cable tension, and took it out for some fine tuning in the circle. Just some minor adjustment, and everything was good.

[lightbox http://www.waterman981.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=54414&g2_serialNumber=2][/lightbox] [lightbox http://www.waterman981.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=54417&g2_serialNumber=2][/lightbox] [lightbox http://www.waterman981.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=54420&g2_serialNumber=2][/lightbox]

I quickly got cleaned up, grabbed the salad and went to Cliff's. Jason and I were there on time at 7 and took in our food. We visited for a while, as Steve & Becky arrived, and finally Eric & Natalie. A few minutes after Eric & Natalie arrived I figured it was time to get out of there. We took them dinner, and they probably wanted to eat it. So I said bye, and took off.

The plan was to go help Jason move some stuff next, but in order to do that I had to get gas first. Cruised down to the Chevron, and picked up some drinks while there. Feelin thirsty from wrenching on my bike. Then I needed to grab some dinner of my own, so I ran over and got a cheese steak. I was eating it when Jason told me he was on his way home. I scarfed the last of it down and got on the road.

Up at Jason's house we were originally going to work on his deck. He needed to sand and stain it. The rain pretty much killed that idea. He also wanted to move some furniture from the theater to the family room upstairs. So we moved a love seat and two recliners up there. Next we moved up the entertainment center for him to put his TV on there. While the room is still empty, it does look a bit better having some seating there. About 11:30 I headed home. Took out an extra link from the chain as it seemed too long, and went to bed.

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Yesterday after work I went over to Eric's house. They made up some yummy burgers, then we chilled for a while. Eric and I played a little Rock Band, then watched Cloudy and a Chance of Meatballs. Shortly after that finished Jason came over. We sat up talking late. I left just before 2 am to go home.

This morning I got up around 9 and got ready to do some biking. Not on my bikes though, it was a Santa Cruz demo day. So I drove up to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, across from Hoagle Zoo. I got my name on the board, and waited for a bike in my size to come in. First one I tried was the Tallboy. It's a 29 inch bike. I started with the climb up the hill. Stopped a bit to rest, but eventually made it up to the T in the trail. Rather than go left onto the rest of the trail, I went right. That drops back down pretty quickly, then loops back around to the start of the trail. I got back down and waited for another. Next one I took out was the Nickel. I did the same course as before. I noticed this time that the bike seemed much more squirrely while climbing. I guess the big difference was that the Tallboy just rolled so much better than the Nickel did.

After the ride I went down to the Santa Cruz dealer that was associated with this demo, Guthrie Bicycles. I looked over the bikes there, along with their prices. I'm thinking a Tallboy sounds really good right about now. A complete new ride would set me back about $3600. The thing that kinda sucks is it only comes in two colors. So then I came home, and started looking online again. Suddenly the Heckler is only $999! They just dropped the price $200. I'd want to upgrade the shock to the Fox RP23, and that's an extra $116. I had though about putting one on my existing Heckler, but it's around $400, and a different size than the new Heckler. But at that price I'm thinking I'll get that new frame by the end of the year, and move my stuff over from the existing frame.

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Yesterday was pretty mellow. After chilling a bit at home I rode down to Steve's place where we finished up Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica. Half way there! Next week we'll start of with the webisodes, then probably get through another 4 episodes is my guess.

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Today the day finally came to install my new fork. I had been waiting for some tools to arrive, which they finally did today. First thing to do was use the fork cutting guide to cut down the steerer tube to length. Next I had to clean up the cut. Quickly around the outside with the grinder, and a quick once over with a file for the inside. Perfect!

[lightbox http://www.waterman981.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=54363&g2_serialNumber=2][/lightbox] [lightbox http://www.waterman981.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=54369&g2_serialNumber=2][/lightbox] [lightbox http://www.waterman981.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=54375&g2_serialNumber=2][/lightbox]

Next was to use the other new tool. A Threadless Nut Setter. Basically it helps you get the star nut to the correct depth into the steerer tube. Just attach the nut to the tool, position it, and start whacking it with a hammer. Simple! After that was in I was able to mount the fork in the frame. Everything fit perfectly.

[lightbox http://www.waterman981.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=54381&g2_serialNumber=2][/lightbox] [lightbox http://www.waterman981.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=54384&g2_serialNumber=2][/lightbox] [lightbox http://www.waterman981.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=54393&g2_serialNumber=2][/lightbox]

The final thing I had to do was attach the disc brake to the new fork. I was trying to use a supplied cable guide, so I ended up shortening the cable and housing. It took a while as I couldn't remember how to set it up, but I finally got it ready to go. Fantastic! I had a flat rear tire from the other day, so I quickly patched it, and got ready for a ride. I've got to test out the new fork.

I started from my house and rode up the canyon. Got on the trail and rode up to the Wasatch Resort. I was constantly stopping, but not because I was tired... because the housing kept coming out of the holder and rubbing the tire. I could have gotten further than the Wasatch Resort, but was worried about the housing rub. So I turned around, unlocked the suspension, and started the downhill. First jump and wow the front end sprung up! I was able to better control the jumps after that. I targeted as many rocks as I could, and the fork handled them great! This is so much better than my old Judy. I was able to set this correctly for my weight, and it's running great.

In the parking lot I inspected the housing. The tire rubbed right through it! I put it back in the holder and locked the fork for the road ride home. Looks like I'll need to get some new housing. The brake housing and cables are fairly new, which kinda sucks. But it will be good to replace all my derailleur cables when my new drive train arrives.

[lightbox http://www.waterman981.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=54396&g2_serialNumber=2][/lightbox]

So the other delivery... Jury duty. :(

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Yesterday my new fork arrived. I unpacked it, played with it, and mocked installed it. The steerer tube is too long, which I knew would happen. I have the tools to cut it down and get it installed arriving tomorrow. Woo hoo!
[lightbox http://www.waterman981.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=54357&g2_serialNumber=2][/lightbox]
(More pics: http://www.waterman981.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=54333)

I've also been debating on what I want to do with my Heckler. Do I want to replace it? The newer models have a lot more travel. It was a bit of a problem to find a fork that would fit my current frame. Of course now that I have this fork, should I worry about it? I can get it re-powder coated over the winter for like $150 That's a lot cheaper than $1200.

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Wow today was long. Great, but long.

It started at 5 AM. Something was scheduled for work at 5:15, and since I was still on call it fell to me to complete. I got up, and started on the call. My portion only took about 2 minutes, so I was done quick. I jumped in the shower and got cleaned up, then ran to Burger King for some breakfast. Came home and changed into my biking gear.

I was at Eric's house this morning at about 7:20. By 7:30 we were loaded up and on our way. We met up with Jason and Amber at the start of the Legacy Parkway trail. We unloaded and got ready to go. That's when Jason realized he forgot Amber's seat. Doh! He loaded back up and returned home to pick it up. Eric and I started riding to warm up. We went two miles, then went back, and explored a bit further down for 4.5 miles total. Then Jason arrived again. He got unloaded again and we started riding. First we rode north, stopped to rest, then rode south. Rested again, and went to the south end of the trail. Came back up and Eric and I totaled over 15 miles. Not bad. But we were out of time.

We said bye to Jason & Amber and got on our way. We cruised back home, got cleaned up, then met again at Eric's house with our motorcycles. Ryan joined us and we drove out to Miller Motorsports Park for the Superbike race. We parked with all the other bikes at the Tooele grandstand. Walked all the way around to meet up with Ryan at the end of the straightaway, just as the first race ended. Ryan needed a hat, so we walked just about all the way back to the bikes looking at all sorts of stuff. Made our way back just before the 2nd Superbike race started. I took a sec to jump into the Blackhawk they had set up there. We sat down right at the end of the straight away and watched the entire race from there. As soon as it was over Eric jumped in Ryan's car, and I got in one of Ryan's friends as we did a parade lap on the track. That was really cool seeing the track from inside a car.

After the race Eric and I rode back to his house first. My feet were killing me as I had worn my motorcycle boots all day. I could feel the blisters that had formed. I went home and swapped to my car, and some more comfortable shoes. I inspected my sunburn. Not good. I put a bunch of aloe over my face to try to soothe it. Back to Eric's in the car, and we drove down to Ruby River for some dinner. So much, so good. All that was left was to go home and veg on the couch, which is what I'm doing now. Ahhh...

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Been a good weekend so far. Friday I left work a little early to go get a new mask for my C-PAP. Apparently my insurance will pay for a new mask every 6 months. I've had my current one for about 20. So I got the paperwork filled out and picked it up. I then stopped by Taylor's bikes to pick up some tire liners for my road bike. Then one last stop by ToysRus to pre-order Alice in Wonderland. I also picked up Bedtime Stories as I got for $10 with the pre-order.

After getting home I just chilled out for a while until Jason came over. We pretty much just chilled, talked bikes a bit, and watched The Island.

Saturday I tried to sleep in as much as possible. Eventually I got up and mowed the lawn. I was waiting for Jason to arrive, and since he hadn't yet I washed my motorcycle to get ready for the race on Monday. Jason arrived and we got all ready to go, to ride up the Little Cottonwood Pipeline. Jason had previously ridden in Corner Canyon, so we were about on the same level. We drove up to the park & ride lot, and started our ride. Last time we rode that trail I only made it to the water station inside the Wasatch Resort. I made it a lot further this time. Eventually though we got to the point where my legs just couldn't take any more. We turned around and hit the downhill. Our total ride time was about 35 minutes.

As soon as we got back I jumped in the shower to get cleaned up. Jason got changed and jumped on the internet. He wanted to rebuild his fork to see if it would improve the ride. He found the rebuild instructions and we looked at what we needed. We jumped in the car and headed down to Staats bikes next to Smith's where we picked up some 5W fork oil. Then didn't have any fork seals, so we started calling around. We also decided to get a burger as a post ride meal. We were originally thinking Astro, but as we were on the freeway changed our mind to Red Robin. Just as we got off the freeway, one of the bike shops we called returned our call and said they found a seal kit that would work for Jason's fork. Woot!

So I had a pretty typical Bacon Cheeseburger, while Jason went for some spice on his. I tried to keep it good with the bottomless steak fries. They were yummy though. After eating we headed up to Cottonwood Cyclery where they had the seal kit. Then back to my house to start taking apart the fork. We got pretty far in, then we saw the lock ring we needed to remove. There was no way the pliers I had would work. So we went back down to Staats, I picked up some degreaser. Went into Smiths to pick up a oral syringe to measure out the oil, then jumped across the street to Checker to get some new lock ring pliers.

Back up to the house and we took the fork the rest of the way apart. Upon inspection we noticed one of the O rings was very deteriorated, so we jumped back in the car to go to Lowe's. On the way down I got paged. Since Lowe's is so close I didn't take my laptop with me, so we flipped around and went back to my house. I jumped out, and got to work while Jason made the trip to Lowe's. I got to a waiting point on the ticket I got, so I went back out to the garage and continued working. Shortly Jason arrived and we finished cleaning it up and re-assembling the fork. Jason took it for a spin, and is very pleased in the results.

We finished off the night with a Rachael Leigh Cook movie, Antitrust. It was a toss up between that or Josie and the Pussycats. I may watch Josie tonight. &#59;)

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Today I wasn't on call for work. I helped someone out last week covering their Thursday, so they covered mine today. Because of that I took a half a day off. Went over to Eric's shop to grab some lunch, then went home. I quickly got suited up and ready to go for a bike ride. Had a new distance personal best in climbing Little Cottonwood, 2.25 miles, to the entrance to the Wasatch Resort. Turned around, hit a new speed record, 43.5 mph coming down the canyon. So 4.5 miles total, and none of it was flat.

After getting cleaned up from the ride I chilled for a while then headed down to Steve's house to watch some Battlestar Galactica. He made some awesome fajitas, and later cooked up some chocolate chip cookies. We plowed through another four episodes. Four more to finish off Season Two.

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Since I'm on call this week today I kept the afternoon simple. When I got home I first installed a new headset onto my Heckler. Wow, it's so much nicer than the stock headset. I can't wait to ride it. Of course it would be better if I had my new shock. Oh well.

After doing that I went out to the garden to start pulling weeds. I only pulled for a few minutes, but some every day and I'll get it done quick. Then perhaps this weekend I'll plant the peppers I want. Perhaps some zucchini as well. Just veggies I enjoy throwing on the grill. And my mom wants some tomatoes, so some of them will go in too.

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My sister had her baby this morning, so now I have a brand new niece! Erin Kathryn Torp. 6lbs, 19 inches. Congrats Kristi & Dana!

(Hopefully this one likes me more than the last one! &#59;))

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Saturday was pretty mellow for me. I pretty much hung out at home all morning. Around 6 I got extremely bored so I jumped on the motorcycle and rode to Eric's house. They were planting their garden. When they finished we all went to Eric's parents to pick up his moto. Then went by Home Depot for them to pick up some more plants. I chilled and we watched an episode of Firefly, then I headed home.

Once I got home I started taking apart my Santa Cruz. I won't be able to ride it again until Memorial Day as I'm on call all this week. So I removed the fork, and popped out the headset. I then installed it on the Trek bike I had sitting here, along with the RST fork I picked up for $10. Then started putting it together. Got the wheels/tires ready to go. Put the crank and derailleurs back on, then called it a night. Today as I was bored I put the chain back on, along with the cables. I found that one of the arms for the rear brakes is toast, so I'll have to get a new set of brakes there. Other than the rear brakes that is one bike that is done! I am thinking though that the stem may be far too short though, so I may get a longer one for it.

Tomorrow I'm getting the tools to install my new headsets, so since the race is interchangeable I'll be able to install the new headset in my Santa Cruz frame, and the race from the headset that is going on the black bike onto my old Judy. That way I'll have a fork on my bike for a possible ride on Memorial Day since my new fork won't be here before then.

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I took yesterday off, which was nice. First thing I did was mow the lawn, and get out the trimmer. Right when I finished my boss called me to tell me the stunt rider was about to go. I booked it down to BMW Motorcycles of Utah where they were having a Grand Opening event. The entire BMW Demo fleet was there along with a BMW stunt rider. I got there as the rider was switching bikes from a F800GS to a S1000 sport bike. The guy had sick control of the bike. After he wrapped up I wandered around with my boss. Got a free burger, listened to the Olympia and Scorpion sales people. Then watched the next demo about an hour later. After the second stunt demo we both took off, and I headed back home.

I was hoping to get on my road bike, but by the time I got home it started getting windy. Didn't look appealing. So I chilled at home until about 5pm when Jason called me. We met up and got some dinner at Chipotle by Eric's house, then went and picked up Eric after we were done. Jason wanted to run down to Sportsman's Warehouse so we drove down and looked at a some guns, then for a brief amount of time some bows. Then we cruised up to my house to pick up some tubes and a camelback bladder I was holding of Eric's. As we were chilling I popped in a mountain bike DVD I had since we had been talking about it. Around 10 PM I gave them a ride back to Eric's house and we called it a night.

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