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Things are finally moving along. I need to get a few more parts, but I should have the PC up and running this weekend. New pics in my gallery!

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Spring break is over now. I sat around and did nothing when I wasn't at work.

But two cool things did happen this week. Drew came home. His is at Fort Bragg right now with his family. The other great thing is that Battlefield Vietnam came out. I've been spending a bit too much time playing it.

Well... Back to the game!

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I started building my first computer case from scratch. I will be building it with plexiglass from Delvie's Plastics. I have posted pictures in my gallery, and will comment on each one of them. This is about as techincal it will get as I really don't care if I elaborate more on how I did things. My first attempt is not too bad. But I think I need to make something to mold the plexi to when I bend it. I am bending it just by heating it up with a heat gun. Really simple with great results.

About the computer:

It is a Syntax motherboard I got for $5 after rebate. It has built on 4x AGP video, sound, and 10/100 LAN. I won't need to add a single expansion card. The USB is only 1.1, it supports PC2100 DDR RAM, and the processor is an integrated 1.3GHz. But $5 for that is awesome! I also got a 1.2 with SDRAM support, and non AGP video for $10. I am excited to build these. I got a 300W Enermax 1U power supply, and a Pioneer slot load DVD-ROM. I do plan on putting 512MB of PC2100 in it. Hopefully it will play Battlefield!

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At one time I figured I would make a post every day. We see how much that happens. So no I'm not dead. Not much is happening though. I did hurt my hand the other day. So I have to work in a splint for a while. So that sucks.

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So today will be a small LAN party. It will be here. This one was just thrown together at the last minute basically. Should be fun though.

So I have done something to my hand. On Wednesday I was "fixing" a door at work, and hit a screwdriver hard with my hand. Now it's killing! So I am home from work today, trying to keep it on ice. Playing tonight will be rough.

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Lan Party coming up! I am at school right now, so I will update the LAN party page later. Right now we are not sure where it will be, either at my place or Ryan's. This Saturday 2.28.04, probably around 6 pm.

So far: Me, Ryan, Isaac, Joe, Tony, Josh, Blair, Dave, Rich, Ryan

I will update later

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According to the offical site, 25 days until its released!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

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So my server died the other day. As you can see it is now back up, and except for this post completely backed up. According to my event log, it may be a faulty hard drive cable (I'm thinking faulty hard drive). But we will see as time goes on.

My car has been treating me good. I love it. I got it from LA Auto down in Orem. Best place! These guys really care. They are really cool, and want to take care of you and make a customer for life. They have with me!

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Sunday is Daytona... Everyone be sure to watch, and root for Jeff Gordon! I am excited! Thursday is the twin Gatorade 125's, so those are cool too.

Also on Sunday there will be a LAN party at Cobblecreek Apartments (aprox Van Winkle and 1300 E). This will be starting at about 2pm and goin until 10pm or beyond. More details will follow. So come after Daytona it should be a blast!

Also if you haven't heard, I got a new car. A 99 Audi A6. I will take more pictures later, but for now there is one in my gallery here.

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So what do you think I should do? The transmission of my car is toast. I can get a new one for about $1550. I can try to install it myself, or have someone else install it ($350)... ~$1900. Then I still need a new catalytic converter (~$150) to pass emissions to license my car. My car is worth about $900 running. So get a new tranny, and how long will it last? Do I think I can get another 70K miles out of it? I just feel like everything is starting to break down on it. My alternative to fixing my car is buying a new one. There are some nice '99 A6's around going for about $15K. Lets say I get a high rate on my loan, 7%... That would be around a $300 payment for 5 years. I definatley wouldn't want anything higher than that. I just checked on insurance, and it would only be $10 more a month for the same coverage I have now. Not bad at all. So what do I do...

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Ok, so today has pretty much really sucked. Work sucked. We had a huge load, and I was in a bad mood. It was not good. Then I'm driving home, and I blow my transmission. Yup. Today sucks!

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Today is Tony's birthday. Happy birthday man.

Otherwise today had good points and bad points. First the bad. My assistant is just about worthless sometimes. Do you ever feel that when you go on vacation, those you left in charge completely drop the ball. I feel like I can't go on vacation because of this. It really sucks. I go back to work today to find a mess for me to clean up. There is only so much I can do. It is so easy to destroy something, but so hard to build it up. Arghh! Work can be frustrating!

On a positive note, I am going to be starting my 401K soon. The nice thing is that when I put 5% of my check in, my employer will put in 4%. Any less and they only put in 2%, so I gotta go 5%! It will be good for me to start this though. I should have started a long time ago, but it is still early. Yay!

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Ok, so right before I posted the link worked. Now it doesn't. I'm leaving it there in case it comes back up. Sorry everyone one! I'm guessing the guy took it down. :(

-edit: Then I hit it again and its back! GRRRRR!

-edit 2: So like I thought, the guy was getting too much traffic, so he pulled it down. But I found another link here! Note this is the actual animation itself, not a page, so you can save it to your computer and play as much as you want!

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First off everyone needs to go Smack the Penguin! This is a fun game for oh... 10 minutes. I got 319.3. If you beat me, post a comment with the score.

Now about the weekend. So we went up to the Wolf Creek condo's near Ogden. Saturday my dad and I went to Powder Mountain. It was my first time there, so having new terrain is always fun. We started off from the parking lot. I thought this was kinda weird, the parking lot is mid-mountain. So we go down, all the way to the bottom of the resort. Then up our first lift. Wow, the lifts there are slow!. We make our way to the left side of the resort, and play around there. On our fourth run down, my dad wants to do one of the black diamonds that runs under the lifts. Let me tell you, these were weak black diamonds! Groomed black diamonds should be real steep. These were moderate. I would say they were blues myself. So we went down a couple of them. I think we got a total of like 12 long runs in. It was enough to do us in. We both started feeling it was time to go back. When my knee starts hurting, I am willing to call it quits. We think because of the slow lifts that it kept the mountain seeming empty. There was rarely a lift line, and then it was only on one lift. Not bad for a Saturday on a holiday weekend. Hopefully I can get everyone up there next year. It would be so much fun for all my friends and I to go up there for a weekend.

Well thats all for now.

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I am so tired! The skiing was good. I have good pictures, but forgot my USB cable. Since I am exhausted, I will go now. I am probably coming home tomorrow morning, and I will post a detailed report then.

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So right now I am up at my condo outside Ogden. My dad and I are going skiing tomorrow. I wanted to go to Snow Basin, but he's is afraid after last time I went with Drew. So we are going to Powder Mountain tomorrow. I have my digital camera, so I will try to get some pictures online tomorrow night.

So thats all for now. I will update again tomorrow!

Rob from Tony's wanted to see Forklift Driver Klaus (in German)so here it is. Funny forklift safety video if you haven't seen it.

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Ok, this just pisses me off. I mean if you decide to drink you need to be responsible for your actions. In my mind there is no excuse to drink and drive. If you drink thats fine, just don't get behind the wheel after. So she's drunk, talking on her cell phone, and hits a car. This is horrible! Kills the husband, pregnant wife goes into a coma, her baby born 5 months later by C-Section, and she only gets 30 days! This is such garbage. Let me know what you think. Add a comment!

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On the empeg BBS today there was a post about "The perfect game controller, now for the PC". I know Tony was looking at getting a PS2 controller USB adapter, but here's an alternative.

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Well I had my first real classes today. I went yesterday for my MCSE module 7, but only one other guy showed up. Today I had my CCNP class. That will be cool. Remote Access is my weakest area I think. So learning more ISDN and Frame Relay stuff should be very beneficial. I also have a security class that Rich is taking with me. I am way stoked for it. Same instructor as CCNP, but learning hacking, so I can stop it will be really sweet. Of course when I do that it will just make me want better equipment! The joys of computers!

Nothing much has been happening otherwise... so that really sucks. I mean you all don't want me going off about all the medical problems I just had. I need a Dr. Pepper. But I can't have one due to one of the problems... Acid reflux is kicking my butt! If I avoid soda late at night it helps, but it has gotten really bad lately. So no DP for me! :(

Everyone should check out the new Matchbox 20 CD "ep". It is cool! Only like 6 tracks, but very cool recordings, and a 28 minute video that I haven't watched yet, but Tony tells me it's cool. So go buy it. $10 at Target. Now. Go.

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Just wanted to make sure everyone saw this deal at NewEgg. Tony this has your name all over it!

I can't believe the prices on CPU's now... time for me to get an XP 3200 as soon as I get my tax return!

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